When Your Military Service Loved One is Gone for the Holidays

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When Your Military Service Loved One is Gone for the Holidays

It may be your spouse, child, sibling, parent, another family member or a close friend. Regardless of who it is, if you have a loved one serving in the military, whether overseas or in another part of the US, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. Although you miss them every day, somehow during the holiday season you miss them even more. Maybe it’s because the holidays are a time of family gatherings and traditions. If it is your spouse, it can be especially difficult to watch the kids opening gifts without mom or dad there to witness it.

There are some special things you can do during the holiday season to commemorate your loved one even though they are thousands of miles away. You know your loved one, so the way you do this should be special and unique to that individual. For example, one military wife states, “When we had Christmas at my auntie’s and my husband was in Afghanistan, she left an empty chair with the ketchup bottle on the table in front of it because he loves ketchup and puts it on all meat. It touched my heart deeply that she would do something so loving and thoughtful. Fourteen years later, I still choke up thinking about it.” As you can see from that little story, it should be something specific to the person.

Another nice way to honor your servicemember is by placing a special ornament on the tree. It may be an ornament recognizing their branch of service or something personalized with their name and rank on it. Maybe an ornament with a picture of your service member would be something you would like to look at while he/she is away.

Of course, sending a special holiday package to your loved one is a fantastic way to let them know how loved and missed they are. You will need to get it sent early though as packages can take quite a while to get overseas. Make it extra special by throwing in something they wouldn’t expect, like letters from other family members or their best buddies. If they are in a remote area, send essentials that they will need along with treats like candy or cocoa packets.

As a way to honor our service members, even if you do not have a loved one that serves, you can send care packages to them. These are especially cherished during the holidays. As much as we miss them, they miss home even more. We are still in our familiar setting with people we love. They are in a foreign land without any of their family or traditions. Try to include something that they can’t get wherever they are to make it even more special.

Florida Moving Systems is here for you if you are making a military or civilian move. If you are in the Melbourne or Palm Bay area or are moving to Florida, we would love to be your local moving and storage company. And, during this holiday season especially, we want to say that our thoughts and prayers are always with our service members and their families who make the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you to all our past and present military members for your service.

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