Using a Non-Military Moving Company for a Military Move – Is it Allowed?

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With multiple military installments in our state, we thought it would be nice to address an issue that directly affects military families. When making a move, are you required to have the military move you or can you hire an outside moving company? This is a great question, particularly for those of you making your very first military move! The short answer is “yes!” Now, we will explain your options and the benefits of both types of moves.

When you are in the military and making a move because of a reason relating to this, such as being transferred to a new duty station, you can have the military move you for free. You are also allowed one last free move upon your retirement. The word “free” is a good one that most of us enjoy! There are some factors to be considered, however.

If you choose to have the military move you, know that they pack EVERYTHING. There is no exaggeration in this statement. You can ask any military family that has been through a military move. Families have arrived at their new home and have virtually nothing to unpack! It is not the military mover’s job to decide what is to be packed. They simply descend upon your home and pack it all! If you choose to allow the military to move you, make sure you have gotten rid of anything that you don’t want packed. Also, if you are making an overseas move, this may very well be the easiest and least expensive way to make the move.

You CAN choose to have an outside company move you or you can even do it yourself if it is a fairly easy move and you don’t have too much to move. Otherwise, that would be quite an undertaking. These moves are called Personally Procured Moves (PPMs) or Do It Yourself (DITY) moves. The military will pay you 95% of what it would have cost them to move you. Wait…hold the phone. You read that right. You will get paid! If you choose your moving company wisely or do it yourself, you may actually make money for your move. Notice that we said if you choose WISELY. Cheapest doesn’t mean best. These are your belongings and treasured keepsakes. You don’t want to send them off with the lowest bidder.

At Florida Moving Systems; we take your move very seriously. In fact, our employees are highly trained and are experts at packing fragile items. We realize some of you have been to many foreign lands during your military years and have irreplaceable keepsakes. We will treat them with the care they deserve. If you choose to take your time arriving at your new duty station, we have an outstanding, temperature-controlled, hurricane-wind rated storage facility in Melbourne, FL to safely store your belongings. If you are moving to or from Florida, whether it’s Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, or Rockledge, we hope that we will be your choice for your moving and storage company!

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