Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

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Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

Moving is a big task even when it’s just across town. Some of you may be getting ready to make moves from one state to another or even from one coast to another. At Florida Moving Systems, we like to give travel tips to help make your move as easy and fun as possible. We know that most of you don’t associate the word fun with a move, but the two can go hand-in-hand.

To help us illustrate our point, we decided to talk with a family that made a coast-to-coast move from California to Florida. While this drive could technically be done in three or four days, that is a lot of driving in a very short period of time. That isn’t super fun. So, we wanted to know what this family did to turn their big move into a big vacation.

They are a family of five with two dogs who were also along for the move! At the time, their twins were sixteen and their third child was four. They had a large (115-pound!) dog and a little Shih Tzu along for the trip, as well. We first wanted to know how they were able to be comfortable for the long trip. They brought both their vehicles with them, so that gave them a little more space since they weren’t crammed into one car. We know some of you don’t have that option, but if you do, it does help!

They each took a dog, so the dogs had their own space too. Plus, that would be a lot of hot doggie breath and panting in one car! The vehicle toting the large dog had a dog bed in the back seat giving him something familiar and a comfortable place to sit and lay so that he wasn’t too restless in the car. It also helps to have a bottle of water and a container to pour it in for those times that the pups need a drink and you aren’t planning a stop. They used a Gatorade lid for the Shih Tzu – small, handy, and perfect!

They recommended bringing a throw pillow to place behind your back. They chose to stop about every two hours for a bathroom break, food, pottying the pups, or whatever else they needed to do. That might seem frequent, but they said it really helped to break up the drive and it did not feel like they were stuck in the car for endless hours. They drove an average of about eight hours a day, stopping for the day at dinner time to eat and check in to a hotel. They also had small walkie-talkies they purchased just for the move, so they weren’t fumbling with a phone while driving. We thought this was a great idea!

We wanted to know what they did for their specific vacation because we thought it might give you some fun ideas. They first drove south visiting family as they left California. They headed to Arizona where they saw the Grand Canyon (yep, the doggies got to see it too!). In New Mexico, they went to the Carlsbad Caverns which are said to be quite incredible. Next stop was Texas. They went through San Antonio where they enjoyed the River Walk and a visit to the Alamo. They said they spent two nights there because they were a bit travel-weary and needed the break. If you can work that kind of flexibility into your “movecation,” we highly recommend it. Next stop was New Orleans, Louisiana. They made sure they went during the day as they wanted to make sure it was a “kid-friendly” visit to that party town! Lastly, they made a stop at the north end of Florida for a night of sleep before heading on to their final destination there. What an awesome, memorable trip!

We know these may not be the states you are traveling through if you’re moving long distance, but we hope this blog offered you some inspiration on turning your move into a “movecation.” Please give us a call at Florida Moving Systems; of Melbourne, FL before your move. We can meet all your moving needs from packing to transport to storage if needed. Our movers are trained professionals and will treat your belongings with care. Call us today or visit our website for a quote! And, enjoy your “movecation!”

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