Tips on Packing Books and Collectibles

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Tips on Packing Books and Collectibles

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide how to store certain items securely. Every item deserves to be packed carefully for your move to avoid damage. If you have books or collectibles and are wondering how best to keep them safe, read the following for some tips.

Always use quality boxes. Old, used boxes can have damage or become weakened in the move, increasing the possibility of your items sustaining injury. Your moving company may provide some boxes or you may be able to purchase some heavy-duty choices locally.

Line your moving boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper. To prevent your items from moving around or getting jostled, place them inside then fill any void spaces with packing paper or newspaper. Place another layer of padding on top before closing the boxes and taping them securely shut.

Books should not just be laid flat in the box. Place them inside with the spine facing down to avoid damage. You can also alternate bound edges for good measure.

Do not overfill your boxes. The heavier the box, the more likely it is to be dropped. Packing lighter boxes will also help you prevent back injuries in the folks helping you move the boxes. To prevent injury to the books and your movers, pack lightly.

For collectibles, wrap each one in bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing paper. Lay any decorative plates or dishware on their sides instead of flat in the box. Make sure to fill any empty space with packing paper, to avoid overfilling, and to securely tape the box shut.

Following these tips will help you to keep your treasured items safe and avoid damage to you and injury to your movers. For any additional questions about moving or packing, contact your local movers.