Tips For Moving Your Plants – From Moving and Storage Experts

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Tips on Moving your Plants Safely to your New Home

movingPlants make a significant difference in our everyday lives, adding warmth and comfort to a home. While some folks aren’t particularly interested in house plants, others don’t think a house is truly a home unless there are green leaves in every alcove.  If the thought of leaving them behind makes you blue, our moving and storage professionals will tell you just what to do to transfer them safely.

Use Cardboard Boxes for Small House Plants

As you can imagine, the smaller the plant, the easier it is to transport. Simply use a sturdy cardboard box, with the top folded down or remove, to ensure leaves don’t get damaged. If there is more than one plant in the box, stuff paper between the pots to avoid pot breakage. Same goes for a single plant, just pack crumpled newsprint around the base to limit movement.

Trim or Prune Larger Plants Before Transport

Before moving to your new location, spend some time trimming or pruning larger house plants. That way you won’t have to deal with falling leaves along the way. Use newsprint to wrap the plants if moving day brings cold weather. Again, temperature regulation is essential, so keep them covered for the trip.

Find a Safe Way to Move Them

Typically, moving and storage teams don’t load the plants into their trucks. Therefore, you’ll need to plan ahead. Figure out how you’ll transport your plants. If they’ll be in the same vehicle as you, keep an eye on heat levels to regulate their temperature and avoid wilting.

Keep an Eye on Them

If you’re undergoing a long-haul move, don’t forget to check regularly on your green buddies. Depending on how long it will take to get to your new location, you may need to pit stop and add water to the soil. Bring them inside with you if you’re pulling over for the night. They may get too hot or cold outside and get “sick.”

Give us a call at Florida Moving Systems if you need assistance with an upcoming transfer. Our moving and storage experts are on-hand to help you plan the best move ever.