There's a Louse in my House

There’s a Louse in My House!

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There's a Louse in my House

No, we aren’t talking about that relative who came for a one week visit and is still on your couch three months later! We are simply using the singular form of that dreaded word…LICE! We know, we know…fear just struck your heart! You may be having flashbacks of a time in your childhood when you were subjected to a thorough delousing after a school outbreak. Or, you may be crossing yourself saying, “Please, not my child!” Whatever thoughts are running through your head, we want to take a blog to address these little creatures since school is back in session and you are bound to get a notice that there are lice at some point during the school year. If you don’t have children, it is still good to know about lice because adults can get them too.

There has been a lot of misinformation out there about lice and what you have to do if you or a loved one ends up with them. Thirty years ago it felt like a death sentence…endless hours of laundry, scrubbing everything, and getting them off your child’s head. Thankfully, research about these little bugs has come a long way, and they are not quite as horrifying as we once thought.

Granted, the idea of bugs on your head is disgusting. We won’t argue that point! But, we will try to make the whole situation seem a little more manageable. You need to know that lice bite your head, but they do NOT burrow! Your child will not be appearing on the next episode of “Monsters Inside Me.” If you haven’t watched that show, do NOT watch it for the first time while your child has lice!

Your home does not need to be disinfected in any way. Lice have to have a head to survive. They do not jump in leaps and bounds, as we were once led to believe. So, how do they spread if they don’t do the long jump from one head to another? Well, they crawl which means that the two heads have to basically be touching. This can occur while leaning over a tablet together, reading together, or a similar activity. It is still a good idea not to share hats or combs. Overall, they are not as easy to “spread” as we once thought.

What does need to be done? Well, you do have to rid them from the hair of the person that has them. In fact, one of the most popular brands of lice treatment is called RID. There are store brands, as well, that cost a few dollars less. Just make certain that they have the same active ingredients. It will require shampooing and combing it through the hair with a VERY fine tooth comb that either comes with the shampoo or can be bought. Yes, you do need the special comb. Be forewarned, the process may last about two hours. If there are eggs which are tiny and white and stuck to the hair, you will have to pull them down the hair shaft to get rid of them. Most treatments will say to repeat in seven to ten days. We recommend it because in this situation it really is better to be safe than sorry.

You can wash the bedding, particularly the pillowcases. But again, they really like to stay ON a head because being off a head equals death. The chances are actually pretty slim that there are any lice anywhere other than on the head of the victim! You can boil combs or simply replace them. And believe it or not, there are actually people who make a living delousing people. They may refer to themselves as “lice fairies.” So, if you are just too grossed out or the infestation is really advanced, then you may want to look for one of these people in your area.

Now you know that lice are not a cause for moving out of your house! But, if you ARE moving, then please call us at 800.283.6683. We can meet all your moving and storage needs. If you live in the areas of Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, or beachside, then we are the local moving company that you have been seeking. Give us a call today for a free estimate and let us take care of your local or long distance move.

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