The Fun of a Florida Staycation

The Fun of a Florida Staycation

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The Fun of a Florida Staycation

Let’s be honest. We live where other people vacation. It can’t get much better than that! A woman getting her lunch in Cocoa Village while on lunch break from work was recently asked by a visitor if she was taking the lunch back on the ship. She thought she was a fellow cruise passenger. When she told the friendly cruise passenger that she was headed back to work, the woman’s eyes grew wide with wonder as she asked, “You LIVE here?” Yes. Yes, we do. We live in this year-round semi-tropical, beautiful place.

It’s true that we all like to get away occasionally. It’s not necessarily to get away from HERE as much as it is simply the desire to go somewhere new that we haven’t been or to see relatives or friends who live elsewhere. So, whether it’s tight finances this year or you have traveled a lot for work and don’t want to go far, or any other reason, there are plenty of great places in our area to enjoy a “staycation.”

If you haven’t been to Merritt Island lately, maybe it’s time for a visit. Kennedy Space Center is located there and truly is a “must see” destination. It takes you back to the exciting early days of the space program up to today where we frequently see unmanned shuttles taking off into space. There is also the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge which is a 140,000-acre nature sanctuary!

Cocoa Beach may not be that far for most of you, but somehow it still feels like a little getaway. A visit to the 24-hour, two-story, Ron Jon shop is still fun even if you have been in the past. There are lots of shops and great local places to eat. Just up the road in Port Canaveral is Jetty Park which offers great surfable waves, especially for beginners. They also have a campground with cabins on the beach that you can rent. What a great weekend getaway close to home!

Or, you can head south to Sebastian Inlet. There you can enjoy great fishing, surfing, or both! You can also rent kayaks or jet skis for a fun day on the water. There are also boat tours you can take to enjoy nature and see the wildlife we love here like sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, and a large variety of birds. There are some quaint bed and breakfast locations along Hwy 1 and A1A to make your staycation even more special.

These are just a few of our local gems. There are many great places within Central Florida and if you live in the area, there are always the theme parks to visit. Close enough to be considered a staycation, the theme parks can get quite pricey and may not be what you are looking to do. However, most people have to buy plane tickets just to get there; whereas, we only need a tank of gas!

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