The Debate About Standardized Testing

The Debate About Standardized Testing

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The Debate About Standardized Testing

We all remember having to do it when we were in school. Different states have different names for them, but we all faced those dreaded booklets full of timed tests requiring us to make sure we had two No. 2 pencils in our possession at all times! In grade school, recess couldn’t come soon enough. In high school, lunch couldn’t start fast enough. Anything to get a break from those dreaded tests! States are still subjecting their students to what most kids perceive as a form of torture.

There are definitely mixed feelings about the necessity and usefulness of standardized tests. Initially, it seems, the intent was good. It helped parents and teachers know where a student stood academically compared to other children their age and grade level. However, somewhere along the way, a shift began to take place in which teachers were basically being forced to teach to the standard of the test. In other words, they have to spend class time focusing on what is covered specifically in the test and spend additional class time teaching strategies of how to take the test itself.

Kids are basically being taught how to pass the test, but are they being taught skills that will benefit them outside of a standardized testing situation? In large part, the teachers’ hands are tied on the matter, so please don’t take out any frustration on your child’s teacher. For changes regarding standardized testing to be made, it is at a higher governmental level, generally the state level.

Some parents are actually choosing to “opt out,” meaning they are informing the school that their child will be opting out of taking the standardized test required by their state. Actually, eight states have laws allowing this and no states have laws in place prohibiting it.

What state governmental leaders seem to overlook is the test bias that exists although it is talked about extensively. But, as we all know, talking about something doesn’t change it or fix it. Children with test anxiety are prone to do poorly on these tests even if they know and understand the material. If the material were given as an assignment or in a non-timed manner, they would do well. Children with IEP’s (Individual Education Plans) or 504 plans in place may receive some accommodations, such as the use of a privacy folder to block out distractions or extra time. It still doesn’t guarantee that children with learning and/or behavioral challenges are going to show their full academic potential when given a standardized test.

These tests can be useful in identifying children who truly aren’t ready to go on to the next grade, but in truth, that is probably evident in their daily classwork, homework, and weekly quizzes. Most likely, a good teacher can figure that out without the assistance of a standardized test. But, others see standardized tests as valuable tools and still feel they are a worthwhile requirement. It is a debate that will probably continue as long as the tests continue.

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