The Balancing Act of Healthy Living and The Holiday’s

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The Balancing Act of Healthy Living and The Holiday's The balance between Healthy Living and The Holidays is an easy task to manage if you follow these steps below:
  • Eat four to six smaller meals rather than “saving” yourself for that special holiday meal
  • Plan a workout before a holiday party or big meal In contrast to our “sports mentality” to pick up the pace, when eating, SLOW DOWN!
  • Every dessert at a holiday meal, take a bite or two and receive 90% of the pleasure at 10% of the calories.
  • Try recipe modification
  • Beware of liquid calories, especially alcohol
  • Don’t “hang out” at the appetizer table when socializing at a party
  • Exercise in the Morning.
  • Get active at least four times a week, and include protein with your breakfast – both will give your metabolism a boost that lasts all day.
  • Find Balance.
Remember this time of year is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family. Definitely don’t deprive yourself of the things you love most about the season. Just be sure to stay on track during the days before and after the party. When you stick to a healthy lifestyle and stay consistent, you have wiggle room for a little indulgence here and there.

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