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How To "Hurricane Proof" Your House

How To “Hurricane Proof” Your House

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Hurricane Proof Your House

Now to talk about a subject that hasn’t received any attention all year: hurricanes (you’re correct, that was sarcasm). Right now if you scroll down a page of any of your social media, open the internet browser on your computer, or turn on the TV, you will likely see either the name Harvey or Irma, the two most recent hurricanes that had devastating effects on parts of the world.

If you read our most recent blog, hopefully, you implemented the helpful tips on how to prepare for a hurricane and got busy stocking up on water, batteries, non-perishable foods, and refilled any medications. As all of us in the Brevard County area continue to watch out for possible upcoming storms, make sure your house is prepped and ready to withstand the strong winds and rain hurricanes bring.

Six Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Four Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida

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Four Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Affordability is more than just cheap housing options. It includes factors that contribute to a high quality of life as well as overall affordable cost of living. At Florida Moving Systems, we have identified a list of not simply cheap options, but locations that offer a great community, sense of purpose, and somewhere you would actually want to live.

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