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Important Questions to Ask Before Moving Into An Apartment

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The search for the perfect new apartment is on! Suddenly you can only think in terms of square footage and floor plans. You’ve gone to countless leasing offices, taken tours of perfectly staged model units, and pictured moving your life there. Thoughts such as “Do I like the pool? Do they allow pets? Is there a fitness room I would enjoy working out in? I need to move in next week, is there anything available?” continually circle through your head. You’ve even taken time to evaluate the nearby shops, restaurants, and find out where the best cup of coffee is.

Spring Cleaning

5 Things to Throw in The Wash This Spring

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Spring Cleaning The spring season may be wrapping up, but it’s not too late to get in that Spring Cleaning before the summer months start to peek around the corner! You may have gotten to your dusting, cleaning out closets, and re-organizing your pantry (bonus points if you used the tips from our previous blog!) but there may still be some neglected areas that shouldn’t be forgotten simply because they may not be as obvious. Not only is Florida Moving Systems dedicated to meeting all of your residential and commercial moving needs, we also want to provide you with helpful tips to make your life easier! We made a list of our top five neglected items to wash; take a look and see if you need to get ready to wash, dry, fluff and fold!
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