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Military Makeover | Operation Phinizy Family | Giving Back To Our Nations Military

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Military Makeover!!

Operation Phinizy Family!

We were so honored and proud to be a part of this amazing show as well as giving back to this extraordinary family!

“North American Van Lines is Military Makeover’s Official Moving Partner. We can’t even start without them: they show up early and then work hard, professionally packing, moving and managing all the family’s belongings. Their well-trained team members work quickly and efficiently without damaging the belongings or the home they are working in. They brought in their local team, from Melbourne, FL once again with innovative new, on-site moving and storage ideas. Another way they turned a hard job into a great experience. A pleasure to work with and always first in on our makeovers.”

Moving Contract | Bill Of Lading | Moving Terminology | Florida Moving Systems, Inc.

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Bill of Lading

Here at Florida Moving Systems, Inc., we are required by law to prepare a bill of lading for your shipment.  The bill of lading is the contract between you and us (The Mover) for the transportation of your shipment.  The information on a bill of lading is required to be the same information shown on the order for service.  The driver who loads your shipment must give you a copy of the bill of lading before or at the time of loading your shipment.  The bill of lading is an important document:  do not lose or misplace your copy.  Have it available until your shipment is delivered, all charges are paid, and all claims, if any, are settled.


The bill of lading requires us here at Florida Moving Systems, Inc. to provide the service you requested and requires you to pay the charges for the service.  it is your responsibility to understand the bill of lading before you sign it.  If you do not agree with something on the bill of lading, do not sign it until you are satisfied it is correct.

The bill of lading serves to identify the mover and specifies when the transportation is to be performed.  Be sure that the portions of the bill of lading that note the dates when pickup and delivery are to be performed are completed and that you agree with the dates.  It also specifies the terms and conditions of payment of the total charges and the maximum amount required to be paid at the time of delivery for shipments moving under a binding estimate.  In the case of shipments moving under non-binding estimates, the bill of lading will not include a final calculation of charges because that cannot be determined until the shipment is weighed.  However, the bill of lading must contain all relevant shipment information – except the shipment weight that will be determined after the shipment has been weighed and any unforeseen charges that occur in transit.

The bill of lading must include the following 14 elements:

  1. Florida Moving Systems, Inc. (Your mover) name and address, or the name and address of the mover issuing the bill of lading.
  2. The names and addresses of any other mover, when known, who will participate in the transportation of your shipment.
  3. The name, address, and telephone number of the office where you can contact the mover for matters relating to the transportation of the shipment.
  4. the form of payment your mover will accept at delivery.  They payment information must be the same as entered on the estimate and order for service.
  5. When your mover transports your shipment under a collect-on-delivery basis, your name, address, and telephone number must be listed so the mover can notify you about the charges.
  6. For non-guaranteed service, the agreed-upon dates or period of time for pickup and delivery of the shipment.
  7. For guaranteed service, the dates for pickup and delivery and any penalty or Per Diem entitlements due you under the agreement.
  8. The actual date to pickup
  9. the identification number(s) of the vehicles(s) in which your mover loads your shipment.
  10. the terms and conditions for payment of the total charges including notice of any minimum charges.
  11. The maximum amount your mover will demand from you, based on the mover’s estimate, at the time of delivery for you to obtain possession of your shipment, when your mover transports under a collect-on-delivery basis.
  12. Evidence of any insurance coverage sold to or procured for you from an independent insurer, including the amount of the premium for such insurance.
  13. Each attachment to the bill of lading.  Each attachment is an integral part of the bill of lading contract.  If not provided to you elsewhere by the mover, the following three items must be added as an attachment:
    1. The binding or non-binding estimate
    2. The order for service
    3. The inventory
  14. The two options for liability of which you will select either:  Option 1) Full (Replacement) Value Protection or Option 2) Waiver of full (Replacement) Value Protection.
The copy of the bill of lading must accompany your shipment at all times while in the possession of your mover or its agent(s).  When your mover loads the shipment, the bill of lading must be in the possession of the driver responsible for the shipment.

Transporting Your Plants

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The U.S. Department of Transportation allows plants to be transported if the trip is less than 150 miles and transport time is under 24 hours.  However, some states quarantine plants at all times.  Overall, moving companies can’t ensure proper care for transporting plants and unfortunately, cannot be held responsible for their final condition.  Check with us at Florida Moving Systems, Inc (A North American Van Lines Agent) to see if plants are allowed for your move. transporting-house-plants-fl-move If you still wish to attempt transport on your own, keep the following in mind:
  • Allow your plants to store extra energy by giving them extra sunlight several weeks prior to moving day
  • Prune back overgrown leaves and branches one month prior to moving
  • Reduce feeding to minimize growth
  • Water thoroughly the day before moving
  • Stabilize the plant in a sturdy carton to prevent tipping

Customer’s Responsibilities When Moving

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Customer’s Responsibilities When Moving

As a customer, you have responsibilities both to your mover and yourself. They include:

  • Reading all moving documents issued by the mover or broker.
  • Being available at the time of pickup and delivery of your shipment.  If you are not available you should appoint a representative to act on your behalf.
  • promptly notifying your mover if something has changed regarding your shipment (ie…move dates, additional items, etc).
  • making payment in amount required and id to with your mover.
  • promptly filing claims for loss, damage or delays with your mover, if necessary.

May Is National Moving Month

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NAVL_boxmover3May is National Moving Month, a time we like to celebrate by spreading the word about how to find, hire, and work with moving companies in your area. Moving to a new home can be a stressful undertaking for any family, so by taking the time to select a mover compatible with your needs and budget, you can enjoy a more streamlined process from start to finish.

Now that’s something worth celebrating!

  • Every moving company you consider should be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation. (Florida Moving Systems, Inc. is Registered)
  • A personal connection means something…especially in the world of moving companies. Your provider should come to your house to make an in-home valuation. If they try to make arrangements or give quotes via phone only, it’s time to keep looking.  Get a FREE QUOTE HERE ONLINE and a certified moving specialist will give you a call to go over details.
  • May is National Moving Month for a reason—this is the time of year when packing up and relocating starts in earnest. Book your moving company early in order to secure the best dates, as they might not be available as the busy summer season begins.
  • The payment process your moving company uses matters. Almost all reputable companies make an estimate, provide a contract to guarantee those terms, and then require payment upon delivery. Too big a departure from this process could be a red flag.
  • Questions to ask yourself about your local mover:  Do you want the movers to do all the packing and heavy lifting? Do you need firm delivery dates? Will you need to have your belongings stored for a few weeks until you get settled in? Avoid confusion later on down the road by getting all these details hammered out before you sign the contract.
  • If you’re at all worried about your belongings, take out the extra insurance. Although it may cost you a few extra bucks, the peace of mind you get from knowing your shipment is protected against loss or damage is well worth the investment.
  • Always pack an Open Me First box when you’re moving a long distance. Pack this one up before the movers arrive, and put anything in it you’ll need during those first few hours at home. You may even want to keep this box with you, since delays on the road could prevent it from reaching you as soon as you’d like.
  • Organization is always your friend, but never more so than when moving. As soon as you start searching for a moving company, keep a folder with all your quotes, estimates, contracts, inventory lists, and other information. This folder should stay with you (i.e., not get packed up on the truck) so you can refer to it whenever you need.
  • Don’t be afraid to rely on technology. Moving apps make it easy for you to keep tabs on your inventory and prepare for the big move (in fact, some of them providing moving countdowns so you know what needs to be done and when) so you never feel overwhelmed.
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