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A Tale of Packing and Moving

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Packing and Moving

Have you ever had to pack up your house and move? If so, you know this can be a daunting task. We thought it might be fun to post a short story about what might go through someone’s head during the tedious task of packing, and if you’ve ever moved you can probably relate!

The time has come! We get to move. There’s so much wrapping and packing. I don’t know what to do. But, I won’t fret or despair, surely I can get this done in no time flat. I’m quick, I’m organized, I’m a planner, it’s true. Watch out, house, I’m coming for you!

Residential Movers

Professional Movers Provide the Best Move

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Professional Movers Provide the Best Move

It’s National Moving Month! Here at Florida Moving Systems, we think that’s pretty exciting. Of course, moving is our business, and we think it should be celebrated every month! This time of the year, there are small and big moves happening everywhere. Schools are getting out in many areas like Brevard County. Teachers are often moving from one classroom to another for the next school year or simply packing up items they wish to take home for the summer. College students who live in the dorms are moving out of their dorm rooms, headed home for the summer. Some college students are moving from the dorms into off-campus living quarters like an apartment or townhouse. And, of course, there are those of you making traditional moves from one house to another.