Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling

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Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you ever travel, be it for work or pleasure, you will probably find yourself on a plane at some point in your life.  Yes, there are people who make it through their whole life without ever flying, but that isn’t the norm.  Some of you may find yourselves taking other modes of transportation, such as trains or buses.  And, some of you may find yourself aboard a cruise ship!  In all of these situations, you are surrounded by strangers and their accompanying germs.

That may sound harsh, but we all carry germs.  For those other passengers, you are one of the people they are looking at as a germ-carrier!  So, if we all carry germs, then why does it matter if the people that we are traveling with are fellow germ-carriers?  The difference is that you are cooped up in an enclosed space within close proximity to these other people.

We have all heard that we are no longer supposed to cover our mouth with our hands when we sneeze or cough.  We are supposed to sneeze or cough into the crook of our arm.  The reason is that once we sneeze or cough into our hand, our hand is now carrying whatever germs were just expelled from your mouth.  You use your hands for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of things throughout the day.  If you open a door or put your hand on someone’s arm, you are spreading the wealth of germs that you just deposited into your hand.  Use the crook of your arm instead!

On an airplane, for example, you cannot let in fresh air!  So, the air goes through a system that recycles it back into the passenger cabin of the airplane.  We are essentially re-breathing the same air.  While it may be filtered, it is not foolproof.  Germs are tiny and sneaky!  They find a way to infiltrate and contaminate.

It is a great idea to carry some disinfectant wipes with you onto a plane to wipe down the armrests, seat, and tray table that you will be using.  You should probably even wipe down the seat back pocket because other people have been using it to put trash or items in, and you have no idea if their hands were clean when they touched it.  Of course, this doesn’t apply only to planes.  The same can be done on trains and buses, as well.

Another helpful idea is to load up on your vitamins.  You can even purchase items like “Airborne” that are packed with immune-boosting vitamins to take prior to your trip.  Vitamins are definitely our friend.  Our body requires them.  Giving our immune system a little boost prior to being exposed to an unusually high amount of germs is a great idea.

Remember not to touch your face too much while you are out on your travels.  Germs don’t need much of an invitation to attack.  Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is something that germs take as a written invitation to invade.  We recommend carrying hand sanitizer with you too.  Clean hands definitely help in your germ-fighting defense system.

A last bit of advice that can be used in all walks of life, not just when you are confined to a transportation situation, is to avoid touching the handle of the public bathroom’s door upon exiting.  Grab a paper towel, if available, and use it to open the door, hold the door with your foot while you turn around and swish a three-pointer into the wastebasket!  Believe it or not, not everyone washes their hands after using the restroom.  You do not want to grab the door handle after one of those people!

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