Start 2018 by DeCluttering

Start 2018 Fresh by De-Cluttering

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Start 2018 by DeCluttering

The new year has descended upon us.  Whether we looked forward to it with great anticipation or it seems like it snuck up on us, jumping out from behind the bushes, 2018 has arrived and is in full swing. As some of us still take down Christmas decorations (PLEASE take down your outdoor Christmas lights!), you may be wondering what this new year has in store for you.

A great way to start off the new year is by removing clutter from your life.  You can actually start while taking down your Christmas decor if you haven’t already done so.  While packing your decor away until next year, go through it and get rid of any ornaments you never hang, any broken ornaments, decorations that are out of style or have served their time and are looking a little worse-for-wear. With minimal effort, you have gotten rid of unnecessary items and made decorating easier for next year. You may have even gotten rid of enough to use one less storage bin, clearing up some space in the garage or attic!

Not all cleaning has to be saved for spring!  Who came up with that idea anyway? An easy way to de-clutter without feeling overwhelmed is simply to do one room at a time.  That means doing your whole house, right?  How is that not overwhelming?  Yes, eventually, your whole house will get done, but not all in one day.  De-cluttering can be a big job.  Nobody said it was a one-day undertaking. 

Let’s say you have a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, family room, and kitchen.  If you do just one room a day, you are still done in eight days which isn’t bad for an otherwise large task.  In the bedrooms, go through your clothes.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, out it goes!  Some people even say to toss clothing you haven’t worn in six months.  In an area like ours where the weather doesn’t change much, six months may be a good rule.  Our wardrobe stays pretty much the same year-round, so six months without touching an item probably means you won’t wear it anymore. Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit.  You may be trying to fit into them again, but you can buy new clothes when the time comes.  Make room for some fresh items in your closet!  For kids’ rooms, go through their toys!  Like clothes, if it hasn’t been played with in six months to a year, donate it for some other child to enjoy!

Bathrooms and kitchens are pretty easy.  Get rid of expired hair products and lotions.  If you have a curling iron from 1986, out it goes! Any expired food obviously must be discarded from the kitchen.  Something we don’t tend to check as often is our spice cabinet.  Look under the sink too.  If there are old cleaners or sponges, toss them!  Even if there are baking pans you never use, you can donate them.  Living areas may contain old magazines with the cover of an in-love celebrity couple who have already parted ways. There may be dead batteries or remotes for a tv you no longer own. Toss items like these and enjoy your de-cluttered home!

In eight short days, you will have less clutter, it will be easier to find the items you do use, and you will feel better in the environment where you spend so much time – your home!  At Florida Moving Systems, we hope these 2018 tips for de-cluttering help you start your new year out in a fresh way!  We enjoy being a part of this great Space Coast and Brevard County community.  Please remember us for any of your moving needs and have a wonderful new year!