Spring Cleaning: Part Two

Spring Time Means Spring Cleaning – Part Two

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Spring Cleaning: Part Two

We at Florida Moving Systems are back with the second part of our blog about spring cleaning, offering you tips on what tasks to tackle! Say that three times fast! We hope you are finding these spring cleaning tips helpful and useful. Let’s get back at it!

An oft-neglected task is wiping down window sills and baseboards. Window sills are often hidden with blinds and curtains, so we tend to forget they are there and in need of a good wiping. Our baseboards may be covered by furniture for the most part. You can pull the furniture out (if it won’t hurt your back) or ask someone else to do it for you. Wipe down the dust that has accumulated on the top of the baseboards. To help save your back, you can also opt to use a vacuum attachment to suck up that dust.

Spring is also a great time to empty out all bathroom and kitchen cabinets, wipe down the shelves, the replace ONLY the items you want to keep. If you find expired medications or chipped dishes, now is the time to toss them! The next task is the bedrooms, particularly if you have children.

With winter came holidays, such as Christmas and Hannukah. That means your children accumulated more toys in the winter. Go through their rooms, or have them do it if they are old enough for the task. Throw away broken toys and trash like crumpled up art projects. Any toys they have outgrown can be donated, passed along to friends, or taken to a thrift shop or consignment store where you might get a little money for them.

At this time, you should also go through clothing and shoes, both your own and your children’s. Children have usually grown from one spring to the next. You will need to clear out the items that no longer fit them to see what items they may need to get them through this spring. Shoes are especially important because they hurt if they are too small. You may not have outgrown your clothes (we WON’T discuss it if you did!), but you may have some clothes that you no longer like or are tired of wearing. Do the same thing with the clothes and shoes (purses too) that you did with the toys – donate them, pass them along to friends, or take them to a thrift shop.

Stores like Once Upon a Child will take your gently used children’s clothing, shoes and toys to re-sell. They will offer you money for the items they choose to take. You can receive either store credit or cash, but usually, receive 25% more if you take store credit. This can be great if after cleaning out their closets, you realize they are in need of some spring clothes. You can turn around and use money from their old clothes to get them some that fit! If they helped with this monumental task, you may want to reward them with a small toy or book from the store. For adults, there are similar stores now. One such store in Melbourne is Plato’s Closet. They accept both men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories such as purses and belts. There are also still consignment shops which accept your items, then pay you a percentage when they sell.

If you choose to donate, there are plenty of places like Goodwill and Salvation Army that will take your used items. Passing things along to others feels really good. Some churches have clothes closets for people in need which is another great place to donate your items. Lastly, if you have friends close to your size or who have kids close to the size of the clothes that your kids outgrew, show up with a bag full of gently-used items as a surprise. We don’t know many mothers that would say no to a bag of clothes for their kiddos, especially coming from a friend!

We, at Florida Moving Systems, understand that spring cleaning may not be your favorite task. We hope our tips made it a little more fun and interesting for you. When you’re all done, buy some scented candles and air fresheners in spring scents, like Cucumber Melon or Peach Mango. It makes the house smell as good as it now looks! And, should this spring find yourself preparing for a move, we hope we will be your first call. Whether you are in Melbourne, Palm Bay, Viera, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, or other surrounding areas, we would love to be your moving company! Now, go enjoy that clean house!

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