So cold you cant move

So Cold You Can’t Move?

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So cold you cant move

Our weather here on the coast has been decidedly undecided! Yes, it’s January (almost Feb!). Yes, that means winter for the majority of the fifty states. We Floridians are accustomed to MILD winters, however. This past week, for instance, saw temperatures range with highs from the 50s to the 70s. That is a big range of temperatures in just one week; indeed, decidedly undecided.

This unusually cold weather that has been hitting Florida off and on these past couple months has affected both man and animal, alike. Because of the extreme cold snap in other parts of the country, our beloved manatees have already returned to our Florida coastal waters. They come here to enjoy the warmth of our waters. The water might not have been quite as warm as they are normally accustomed to when making their annual arrival here, but it was warm enough to welcome them and make them want to stay.

For many animals, the cold can be dangerous. Many iguanas were found not moving, residents worried that they were dead. In truth, they were just rendered immobile due to the cold and the fact that they are cold-blooded. Some were even reported to have fallen from their perches in the trees! As temperatures warm, so do their bodies. They will waddle off once they are warm.

The waters got so much colder than usual on the Tampa side in the Gulf of Mexico that more than a thousand sea turtles of varying species turned up completely stunned by the cold. Like the iguanas, they are cold-blooded. Volunteers have been rescuing the turtles as they cannot swim or lift their heads above the water to breathe when the temperature dips too low. They will, of course, be returned to the wild when it’s safe to do so.

Many of us have felt much like these cold-blooded animals. When it’s cold and windy, you may feel like you can’t move. Your body doesn’t cooperate. Your brain doesn’t tell your body to move other than to make hot tea and grab a fuzzy blanket! It’s not too helpful for getting tasks accomplished. Then, when a warm ray of sunshine appears, you might run to the backyard and bask in it just like an iguana! You slowly come back to life, ready to take on the day’s tasks.

Just like these animals require a little help to get moving sometimes, so do many of you who are attempting to make an even bigger move – not just from the house to the backyard, but from one house to another! This can feel as monumental of a task as those turtles trying to swim in freezing water. But, with Florida Moving Systems at your disposal, you don’t have to wait for a warm ray of sunshine! Florida Moving Systems is available to help make your move go as smoothly as possible, year-round, rain or shine! Inland or coastal, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Satellite Beach…you give us the address and we’ll be there. Let Florida Moving Systems get you moving!

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