Hurricane Evacuation Tips

Should I Stay or Should I Go? – Tips for Hurricane Evacuations

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Hurricane Evacuation Tips

With Hurricane Florence making its recent appearance in the Carolinas, it makes us ever mindful of the fact that we never know when the next hurricane will decide to take a Florida vacation. If that should happen, we wanted to give you some tips regarding the pros and cons of evacuating due to a hurricane.

It is a very personal decision whether to evacuate your home due to a hurricane. You are leaving behind your house and your belongings, not knowing if they will be there when you return or what the extent of the damage will be when you do return. Each person, couple, or family must make this decision for themselves, but we hope we can help make the decision easier.

We highly recommend that if a mandatory evacuation is in progress that you LEAVE! These orders aren’t given lightly. It increases the burden on local law enforcement to check homes and try to get everybody to leave. They don’t give this order unless they truly believe it is in your best interest. Sometimes the evacuation orders are voluntary which can make it a bit trickier to know what to do.

You should keep an eye on the weather for your particular area. If you are nowhere near the flood zone, you have hurricane impact windows or hurricane shutters, and a solid roof (not twenty years old!), then you may decide to stay during a voluntary evacuation. Additionally, the roads can be quite crazy during an evacuation. During Hurricane Irma in 2016, one family evacuated from the east coast over to the Tampa area. What is usually a two and a half hour drive took five hours! If you plan to evacuate, make sure you have enough gas and some snacks and drinks too.

If you decide to leave, please take your pets. Don’t leave them to fend for themselves. They can be injured while you are gone, leaving them in pain. They could go days without food or water. If you don’t have a place to go that allows pets, please make arrangements for them prior to evacuating. Ask a friend or relative to take them. You could even take them to a local shelter and ask if they can be kept temporarily for their protection.

Take any truly valuable items with you. This includes items of little monetary value but strong, personal, sentimental value. Pictures taken prior to digital cameras may be irreplaceable. Take important documents like birth certificates and passports too. You should also take a copy of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. It will make the process easier if your home does sustain damage and you have a copy of the insurance policy in your hand. If your insurance policy is difficult to understand or you can’t find a copy of it, it never hurts to call and ask questions about your coverage and hurricane coverage, in particular. Hurricane coverage is often an additional item that you have to add to your policy and will increase the monthly cost of your insurance. Don’t assume you have it. If you aren’t certain, call and talk to an insurance agent.

We hope 2018 does not bring any hurricanes your way. If it brings a move or a need to store items, we can help! At Florida Moving Systems, our employees are trained professionals who will treat all your items with the utmost care. We also offer a state of the art storage facility that is climate-controlled and rated to withstand hurricane force winds. If you live in Melbourne, Viera, or anywhere throughout Brevard County, we want to be the movers you go to for all your moving needs and the company you turn to for storing your important items. Call us today for a free estimate!

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