Realistic Ways to eat Healthy

Realistic Ways to Eat Healthily

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Realistic Ways to Eat Healthy

We see news stories about it all the time, read articles in magazines while we wait for an appointment, and see other people doing it in restaurants. Is healthy eating something that you can incorporate into your life, as well? If it is, is it even something you want to do? At Florida Moving Systems, we specialize in both local and long distance moving, storage, and more. We want to provide our readers with helpful moving, packing, and storage tips, but we also want our fellow Brevard County residents to stay healthy. Read on for realistic ways to accomplish this.

As we are in the first month of this new year, many people have made dieting and eating differently part of their New Year’s Resolutions. There is no real validity to doing this because statistics show that only about 8 percent of people keep their New Year’s Resolution! So, it’s pretty safe to say, that it is pointless! It doesn’t have to be a resolution, a grand announcement, or even a super well thought out plan. It simply needs to be a decision made on any given day of the week of any month of the year that it is time to eat healthier than you have in the past.

In life, it is best to do all things in moderation. If you set out to eat completely differently than you ever have in your entire life, then you are probably setting too lofty of a goal. A realistic goal is one you are more likely to meet which is what you want to do! We all have our own reasons for making different food choices. Some of us want to lose weight, some want more energy, some want to simply feel better about what we are putting into our bodies.

How to start? Start simply. Don’t run out to your local Melbourne, FL organic market and spend $600 on food! If you wouldn’t do that on a grocery shopping trip last month, then don’t do it now. Buy some staples for each meal and some healthy snacks. For example, buy some healthy but flavorful oatmeal to start your day. It is filling and gives you carbs which help give you sustained energy unlike sugar which gives you energy that dissipates quickly. Buy whole grain bread for your lunchtime sandwich or a greek yogurt with added protein. Yes, you can eat both the sandwich and the yogurt (if the sandwich isn’t four feet high!) For dinner, try some whole grain pasta or pasta with added veggies if you aren’t typically getting your vegetable quota for the day. Don’t follow it with half a loaf of french bread slathered in butter! Make a healthy side salad. You can throw on a few croutons so you don’t feel cheated out of a treat! A nut and dried fruit mix or lightly salted popcorn makes a great snack. It takes time to eat, so you feel like you are eating more than you really are!

This is a very basic and simple guide, but one that we here at Florida Moving Systems hope you found helpful and useful. We want you to have a healthy 2018!

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