Planning a Trip to See Fall Foliage

Planning a Trip to See Fall Foliage

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Planning a Trip to See Fall Foliage

For those of us who live in Florida year-round, the changing of the colors of leaves is not something we see very much. There are states in the United States that truly experience all four seasons with a clear delineation between said seasons. Our temperatures and weather here in Florida do not have drastic highs and lows, so we do not experience such drastic changes of season. We definitely feel when the weather cools down or warms up, but it doesn’t bring much change to our surrounding foliage as much of our plants and trees here stay green year-round.

Many people have found great joy in taking trips to see these beautiful color-changing leaf events. It occurs in several states throughout the country. Living on the east coast, it makes sense to simply head up north along our own coast to see the beautiful changes that fall can bring.

Fall is a great time of year for a getaway because no matter where you go, you are likely to experience pleasant temperatures as the heat of summer is dissipating and the frigidity of winter has not yet arrived. It is always wise to keep an eye on the weather though as freak snowstorms or unpredictable heat waves can show up, at will.

Currently, the changing leaves are not changing as early as is typical. The weather has been a bit warmer than usual which has delayed the color change. The leaves need cooler nights along with the shorter days before they will begin changing colors. So, if you have been considering a trip up north to see this beautiful event, it is not too late! The leaves should be changing color in many states.

If you are unsure where to go or when to plan your trip, a great resource is the website which tells you when the leaves should be changing in various states. Who knows? Maybe you will want to venture further from home and visit someplace like Colorado. If there are any states you have not yet visited and they have the fall foliage changes, this fall would be a great time to visit!

You may want to consult a travel agent as there are actually trips planned specifically to see fall foliage, some encompassing more than one state, like a tour of New England. Additionally, many of these trips may include guided tours to enhance your sightseeing experience.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, never underestimate the enjoyable experience of traveling by train! There are train trips specifically for fall foliage tours. You can experience the beauty of the fall foliage while experiencing an exciting and comfortable form of travel that you may not have tried!

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