Packing Made Easy: Part 2

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Welcome back to the blog for Florida Moving Systems where we want to make your moving experience the best it can possibly be for you! This is the second part of our two-part blog regarding packing – when should you pack what items? It can seem so daunting as you walk around your house wondering how and where to begin. You try snapping your fingers like Mary Poppins thinking maybe something magical will happen, but everything stays right where it is. Sigh. You can always call us because we can handle your move from start to finish! But, like we mentioned in the first part of this blog, we wanted to offer a packing guide for those of you who will be packing up your house yourself and then letting us do the heavy lifting for you!

Per the first part of this blog, you should already have all decor packed away leaving a house with bare walls, bare end tables, and bare knick-knack shelves! You should also have boxes of spare linens packed away, including towels, sheets, tablecloths, and placemats. It’s time to move on and continue with your packing journey. Here we go!

Next, you will be packing toys if you have children. If not, pack your “grown-up” toys which are things you use for your personal hobbies. Yes, adults have toys too. For some of you, it’s scrapbooking, coloring, or knitting. For others, it may be woodworking, painting, or pottery. For the kids, keep out a few favorites to keep them occupied until the move, but pack up the rest. If they have a favorite doll or stuffed animal, KEEP IT OUT! They will not want to be without it or witness it being shoved into a box!

Pack up any china or kitchenware that you don’t use on a daily basis. You will be surprised what you can get by with for a short period of time. A couple knives, a spatula, a couple wooden spoons can get you by, although it may require a little creativity.

Pack up the clothes that are for the opposite season. You don’t need a turtleneck if you are moving in June…put it in a box! Pack up all books, unless you are actually reading it as your “down time” from packing! If you read to your little ones at night, pack up their books and rent from the library in the meantime. Just don’t pack the library books during your packing frenzy!

Once it’s crunch time, plan to eat out for a couple days or have friends/family have you over for dinner or bring you dinner. It’s time to pack the dishes and pots and pans. You can use paper plates to get by if needed. Pack up all dry goods. Give your refrigerated goods to someone that you know can use them unless you are making a local Brevard County move and can transport your cold goods in a cooler.

Pack up what remains…cleaning supplies, lamps, bathroom drawer contents, and other odd/ends you might have overlooked. It’s important to take your time as far as your fragile items are concerned. Make sure you use paper and bubble wrap. Don’t just hope that items won’t break. Take a little extra caution with your breakable items. With all boxes, try to utilize all the space. Towels, blankets, and pillows can be used to add cushion and fill space in boxes. This is a perfect way to pack all the bedding, towels, and pillows you have still been using. Also, this is a great way to pack your throw pillows. Don’t leave room for breakable items to shift around in the box.

You’re done! Now it’s our turn…Florida Moving Systems of Melbourne to the rescue! We will load, transport, and unload your belongings according to the time schedule that works for you. We are here to expedite the moving process and make it as easy as possible for you…see you soon!

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