Packing Made Easy: Part 1

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When preparing for a move, packing can be the one thing that many of us dread the most. The unpacking can be kind of fun. We get to organize our new place “just so” and for at least that first blissful month everything is organized and where it belongs, at least until someone uses it for the first time and promptly misplaces it!

Florida Moving Systems is a full service moving company. We can literally do everything for you, including your packing. Having our office located in Melbourne, we are not far from Patrick Air Force Base. Our military service members get the benefit of having the military provide their moving services. If you have ever done a move with the military, then you know that they pack everything for you, yes even your trash if you don’t empty it! It is a deserved benefit for all the moving our military service members do throughout their careers. If you are a retiree, you may be missing this benefit. The thought of packing your house for a move may be very unappealing to you. Have no fear, this is one of the services we provide!

However, we understand that some of you may want to put some of your budget towards new furniture or making improvements to your new home. Because of this, we know that you may choose to pack your own belongings, then hire us for the actual moving service. Packing up your belongings can be a huge undertaking and some of you have never moved before or have never packed when moving, so we wanted to give you a comprehensive guide to help make the packing easier. We will be doing a two-part blog for you to make sure we cover all the bases! So, here we go…

When you stand in the middle of your house and look around with a flat cardboard box dangling from your right hand and a roll of packing tape in your left hand, you may think to yourself, “I have no idea where to begin!” So, here is a helpful little guide on where to start first.

How long you have before your move will play a role in how fast you have to pack up your house. It may take some a month or two to pack things away while others may only have a week or two to accomplish their goals. Either way, there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

Start with your non-essentials. The very first thing you can pack up without question is all decor. Start with your walls. Take down all your pictures, artwork, and hanging decorations. Follow this with all more non-essential decor such as framed photos on the desk or end tables, small statues, baskets of shells, and similar items. This is also a good time to throw out or donate items that you won’t need in your new home. Do this in every room until your house is free of decor. It should look like a “vacation home,” free from any personal items. That means you didn’t miss anything during this stage of packing.

Pack up extra linens. Keep out the sheets on the beds and a few towels for everyone. You can wash these multiple times prior to your move, if necessary, but pack up all other linens. Don’t forget your pool/beach towels. They may be in an outdoor bin. If it’s not summer, you don’t need them. If it is summer, just keep out one per person. It may not seem that helpful to pack up extra linens, but every item packed makes a difference and cuts down time later in the packing process when the time is really a factor. If you have a guest room and aren’t having any guests prior to your move, pack up everything in that room, so that all that is left is the furniture.

Okay, you have already made a good start. You probably didn’t even realize how many knick-knacks you had around the house until you packed them! And, you can definitely live without your extra tablecloths and placemats for a month. Well done! In our next blog this month, we will tackle the rest, so come back soon to continue your packing journey with us, Florida Moving Systems!

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