One Month Until Move-In Day

One Month Until Move-In Day!

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Move in day

Even if you have never personally moved into a new house, most people have helped a friend at one point or another and participated in the massive process of transporting everything that goes inside and makes that house a home.

If you’ve ever helped move your daughter or son into college, you’ve likely experienced the “joy” of moving in and out of a dorm on the second or third floor. But this back-breaking experience of sweating, perfecting your dolly-driving skills, playing Tetris to be able to fit everything in the trunk of your car, and trying to make it just a little further before you drop the heavy box doesn’t have to be so difficult! If you find yourself in this position, there are helpful services out there! We at Florida Moving Systems would love the privilege of helping you move into your new home, dorm or office! But before you’re ready for us, here are a few things to think about one month before the big day to get you well-prepared.

Residential Home Moving Checklist:

  • Select your moving company. To make this step really simple, visit our website and go ahead and check that off your list! You’re welcome!
  • Start packing. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you have to start somewhere! To make this less overwhelming, pack by categories; start with just packing up your books, then picture frames/wall art, then shoes, etc.
  • Label your boxes! You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Separate your valuables. What’s the best way to keep track of your jewelry, collectibles and important documents? By not letting them get lost in the bog of stuff! Keep them in a box that you will transport personally on move-in day.
  • Make the necessary changes. Changing your address is a given, but if you’re moving far away you may also need to switch your post office, bank, credit card company, doctor’s office, insurance providers, magazine subscriptions, etc.

By utilizing these helpful tips, we believe you (and those who are recruited to help you) will be able to keep calm, stay organized, and have a pleasant moving experience! Keep in mind, we can help with your move whether it’s to another city or across the country, and we also provide storage services.

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