Moving Plants and People

Moving Plants and People

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Moving Plants and People

Here in Florida, there is no better word to describe our plant life than lush.  Our state never looks dead. We may not have majestic purple mountains, but we have gorgeous greenery that lasts all year long.  Though certain types of grass may go dormant in our “colder” months or certain plants and bushes only bloom at particular times of the year, there is always something green, lush, and gorgeous growing here.

Just like people though, sometimes plants have to move.  Of course, they aren’t getting a new job or purchasing new digs.  Don’t be silly!  Sometimes they outgrow their current living situation though, just like people.  Sometimes, the owners just think they will look better in a different part of the yard.  And, occasionally, it is the people moving to a new location that have decided to take some of their beloved plants with them.  After all, they raised them from seedlings, fertilized them, cared for them, and they just can’t bear to leave them behind, wondering if the new owner will prune them at the right time or at all!

As people, we are quite resilient.  We can pretty much move at the drop of a hat if it is required.  We may not like it.  For some, it may feel like a bit of a shock.  But, eventually, we adjust to our new situation and surroundings.  Our plants don’t have the option of when or if they want to move. They are at our mercy.  We can, however, do our best to keep their shock to a minimum.

No matter where you live, there are prime times of the year for doing certain things to your plants, trees, and bushes. At Florida Moving Systems, we generally focus on moving people and their belongings. Sometimes, plants are among those belongings, so we thought we would share some information with you when it comes to moving your plants, even if it is within your own existing yard.

February is here and it is the last month in the ideal transplanting season, which begins in December.  Most people don’t want to be outside much during those months, but we usually still garner some pretty pleasant days during that time here in Brevard County.  One of the main reasons that this is the prime time for transplanting (uprooting a plant, shrub, or tree and replanting it elsewhere) is because of the cooler weather.  Many plants enter a somewhat dormant stage during this time in which they don’t need as much water and are not in an active growing stage.  Because of these facts, they are less likely to sustain damage to their roots.  Additionally, the more intact you can keep their roots, the better. The younger the plant, tree, or shrub, the smaller the root system is, making it easier to move.

Just like we need a home that fits all our family members and belongings, greenery needs that too in its own way.  It needs a nice big hole dug with more than ample space to gently place its root ball.  Pay your transplanted items a little extra attention. Make sure they have enough water without flooding them.  Always check with a professional in Melbourne, FL or even online to find out the ideal amount of sunshine and shade for your particular item.  You don’t want to bake it in the sun if it requires shade for twelve hours out of the day. 

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