Moving In or Out

Moving In or Out – It’s Cleaning Day!

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Moving in or out

There are some things about moving that are unavoidable. You have to pack and unpack even though it is a dastardly deed. You have to sort, organize, and throw things out that you wish you hadn’t packed! And, you have to clean. If you are moving out of a rental, cleaning is part of the deal, at least if you want your deposit returned to you from the landlord. Moving costs money, so getting that deposit back is a desirable result of cleaning once you’ve emptied your former abode.

You also have your new living space to clean. If you are moving into a rental, the prior tenants should have cleaned when they moved out, but there is no guarantee that they did it or did it well. If you are moving into a home you just bought that was previously occupied either by tenants or owners, the same holds true. You can ask the realtor to find out if a housecleaning service was hired after the house was vacated. Occasionally, people will do that as a courtesy. You may think you don’t need to clean if you are purchasing a brand new home, but new homes generally have a lot of dust from construction.

Cleaning is fun to some people. They enjoy watching the transformation that takes place during the cleaning process. Others of you would rather have the stomach flu! If you fall into the “flu” category, then we suggest you hire a housecleaning company. Most, if not all of them, offer a one day service in which they can come in and do a nice thorough cleaning for you without hiring them on a regular basis.

If, however, you enjoy cleaning or just like the thought of cleaning your new place because it’s new and it’s yours, we at Florida Moving Systems wanted to offer some basic tips to get you started. We suggest starting from the “top down.” Your floors should be the last thing you clean because, during the cleaning process, that is where all the other yucky stuff lands! You can use a liquid cleaner in conjunction with paper towels or a cloth, or you can opt for cleaning wipes made by various companies like Clorox and Lysol. Wipe down all surfaces, including the inside of cabinets. You would be surprised how dirty it gets in there!

Clean all sinks, tubs, and showers. An excellent cleaning tool for this task is the “magic eraser.” Mr. Clean made the original, but there are other brands now also. They are amazing at removing soap/shampoo scum. If you have rust spots or other discoloration caused by the water in your tubs or toilets, a good old-fashioned pumice stone can be your friend. These can be found at your local hardware store and places like Walmart. Many ovens now have a self-cleaning mode, but if not, oven cleaner is effective. Some self-cleaning ovens don’t come out spotless, so you may still want to use some oven cleaner to touch up the missed spots.

For windows and sliding doors, window cleaner works great. A “home remedy” that is also very effective for a streak-free finish is vinegar and newspaper. Vinegar is a great cleaning tool and the newspaper wipes down the windows without leaving streaks or “dust” like a paper towel. Your floors are last. If you are moving into a place with carpet, we highly suggest having them professionally cleaned prior to moving in your furniture. Again, ask if this was already done, so you don’t pay for an unnecessary cleaning. If you aren’t sure you want to spend the money to have them cleaned, you can rent a carpet cleaning machine to do it yourself. Just know that it is not a small or easy task. If you think you don’t need the carpets cleaned, just remember you have no idea how many spills, pet accidents, or dirty feet have been on the carpet. Get it cleaned. For all floor that’s not carpeted, buy the appropriate cleaner – tile, laminate, or hardwood. Give it all a good vacuum or sweep, mop, and be done! Lastly, order a pizza for dinner. You worked hard today!

At Florida Moving Systems, we understand that there is more to moving than just the move itself. That is why we want to be there for you from start to finish to help the process go as smoothly as possible. Whether you live in Merritt Island or over in Cocoa Beach down to Melbourne Beach or inland in the lovely town of Viera, Florida Moving Systems wants to be your premier Brevard County moving company. You have enough on your plate, including the cleaning covered in this blog, so please give us a call or schedule an appointment on our website and let us do the moving for you!

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