Mother Hubbard, the Cupboard is Bare!

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Some of you reading this may not even remember that old nursery rhyme, but you definitely know what a bare cupboard is. Sadly, throughout Brevard County, many families have bare cupboards or cupboards with just a few basic items left in them. We often get apathetic to such a plight. When we have plenty, we are apt to forget that some have little or none. We can get judgmental thinking that the impoverished should just get a better job or work harder. But, many people are working full time already. How many more hours should they have to work simply to feed their families?

The truth is that summertime is oftentimes the worst time for families in need of food because all the kids are home from school, eating three meals a day from the refrigerator and cupboards. You see, Brevard School District is an excellent school district that takes care of its children. Free breakfast is offered to ALL children, regardless of income. And, reduced price or free lunch is offered to children whose families qualify based on income. With that in mind, families in a lower income bracket only have to provide dinner for their whole family five nights out of the week. Some still don’t have to provide all three meals on the weekends thanks to programs like the Food4Kids BackPack Program and No Kid Hungry which gives children food to take home to eat over the weekend. These are tremendous and much-needed programs.

But then, summer break arrives and these same families have hungry little mouths to feed for the next two and a half months and not enough money to buy the food. This is where our wonderful local food pantries come into play. They are there to meet this very need, but summer is the slowest time for donations! Everyone thinks to donate food at the holidays. It is a time of giving and sharing. They realize not everyone can afford a big, elaborate spread, so they donate food to help. This is great. But, people tend not to donate over the summer when the food pantries actually have the highest number of people in need. So, now in September, they are virtually empty. They just need regular food that you would feed your own family. Spaghetti noodles and sauce is perfect because it goes a long way and really fills little bellies. Macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables, cereal, and canned fruit are also great.

Some of our local food pantries have literally been running out of food. So, what should we do to lend a helping hand? Next time you go to Winn-Dixie or Publix and get their BOGO specials, consider donating those second, free items to a food pantry in your area. You can also organize a food drive at your place of work. Put a couple boxes or storage containers in the break room and ask people to bring in non-perishable items to donate. The other thing you could do is simply ask friends, family, or neighbors. Once you have a box or more filled, run it down to the Salvation Army or any other place that offers a food pantry to the community. If you attend church, your minister and fellow congregants would probably love to have a donation box out and filled every week!

It may seem difficult or time-consuming, but it really isn’t. And, if you don’t know where to take your items, you can literally Google “food pantries near me” or <a href=””>click here and get a list of places within a few miles! Our community needs our help. At Florida Moving Systems we believe in making the community a better place, and we hope you will join us in our efforts. In fact, we hope you collect so much food for pantries in the area that you need to call us! We are here to meet all your moving and storage needs from your finest china to your boxes of food pantry donations. We are located in Melbourne, FL, but serve all surrounding areas, so whether you are in Viera, Satellite Beach, or Cocoa, please give us a call today for all of your moving and storage needs.

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