The Battle with Laundry

It’s Everywhere…The Battle With Laundry

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The Battle with Laundry

Does it ever feel like doing laundry is a losing battle? You look at that beautiful, empty laundry basket and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Then, everyone gets ready for bed that evening. You walk past the laundry basket and it’s already at least half full again. You want to raise your fist in the air and cry out, “WHY???” Why does it reappear so quickly? Why does it never seem to end? And, why doesn’t a laundry fairy show up and help? OK, the last one is outside of the realm of possibility, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

Unfortunately, laundry will always be a part of our lives. Even if money were no object and you took everything you owned to the dry cleaner, you would still have to put it all away back at home. Yes, indeed, it is an inevitable part of our lives. Since that is the case, we thought we would touch briefly on the laundry care tags in your clothes and do a follow-up blog about the types of detergent and fabric softener that are available.

Some of you may be thinking we are crazy to even bother looking at those tags with their microscopic print. Here’s the thing…if you don’t, you may end up ruining an article of clothing that you really like. For example, rayon is notorious for shrinking. What starts as a modest knee-length dress suitable for work can quickly become a mini-dress only suitable for a club that you don’t even want to visit!

A lot of pieces of clothing call for handwashing. This seems like an additional laundry task that we just don’t want to tackle, doesn’t it? But, in reality, it’s pretty fast and not as annoying as you might think. A bottle of Woolite is perfect for handwashing items and actually has a very pleasant smell. You simply fill your bathroom or kitchen sink with warm water and some Woolite and dip the item in it a few times. Make sure you get it completely wet. You can rub the fabric together lightly to clean out any dirt. Of course, if there are stains, you should treat those and pay special attention to them.

Additionally, particularly if the item is new and dark in color, your water may be colored after washing it. If so, drain that water before washing the next item and refill with fresh warm water and Woolite. You don’t want the color to transfer onto another article of clothing. After handwashing, items are to be laid out flat. Laying clean clothes on the floor seems counterintuitive, so lay down clean towels or a blanket first, then lay the clothes out neatly on them to avoid wrinkles. BONUS TIP: If you have a ceiling fan in the room you choose for this task, it helps the drying process if you use it!

If you are washing cotton items, check the tag to see if it says they are pre-shrunk. If not, then you need to follow the care instructions on that pesky tag. Cotton is another fabric that loves to shrink when placed in that nice hot dryer! And, even though a trip to the dry cleaner might seem like a pain, it really is necessary sometimes, particularly with finer fabrics like cashmere.

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