Decluttering vs Cleaning

Is Decluttering the Same as Cleaning?

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Decluttering vs Cleaning

How is decluttering different than spring cleaning? Quite simply, it isn’t cleaning, in any form. That may seem confusing, but it’s true. Cleaning implies wiping things down, removing dirt or dust, or picking up loose particles with a broom or mop. Decluttering is none of those things. It is something that you can do any time of the year, but many people prefer to do it alongside their spring cleaning. In truth, doing a good, thorough de-cluttering should be attempted at least once every six months.

What is Decluttering?

Decluttering is the REMOVAL of accumulated, unnecessary clutter. It is not the dusting, cleaning, and replacement of these items back into the same spot! Some clutter consists of items that you do need to keep that have simply not been put away in their proper place. In this case, of course, you do not throw these items in the trash bin! But, by and large, clutter is unnecessary items that you have simply neglected to part with for no particular reason.

You may be thinking that your house is quite tidy and you don’t have anything to de-clutter. Think again! We think that after reading this you will be able to locate at least a couple areas of clutter in your home that can be DE-cluttered!

An easy one to start with is magazines. If you have any subscriptions or even if you pick them up in line at the grocery store, you have probably accumulated a small (or large) stack of magazines that you have already read or never intend to read. You may have once had the intention of reading them, but if they are a couple months old, the news is outdated and you won’t really find the time to catch up on that much magazine reading. It is time to part with them. You have a couple options. You can put them in your recycling bin (be kind to the earth!). You can also donate them. You can give them to a local doctor’s or dentist’s office, nail salon, or a local men’s or women’s shelter, depending on the types of magazines.

Mail is another major source of clutter. The best advice is to look through your mail every day. Put envelopes and junk mail in the recycle bin. File your bills and any important documents. But, if you have let mail stack up, now is the time to go through it, sort it, recycle, and file!

If you can’t think of any clutter off the top of your head, take a stroll through each room of your home. What is on your kitchen counter? Your end tables? Your dresser? If there are piles of anything, that is a pile of clutter! Clothes can be a major source of clutter. Your dresser is for storing clothes inside the drawers, not atop the dresser. Put them in the laundry basket or hang them up! Doing this daily will save you from having to spend an hour decluttering your dresser.

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