Important Questions to Ask Before Moving Into An Apartment

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The search for the perfect new apartment is on! Suddenly you can only think in terms of square footage and floor plans. You’ve gone to countless leasing offices, taken tours of perfectly staged model units, and pictured moving your life there. Thoughts such as “Do I like the pool? Do they allow pets? Is there a fitness room I would enjoy working out in? I need to move in next week, is there anything available?” continually circle through your head. You’ve even taken time to evaluate the nearby shops, restaurants, and find out where the best cup of coffee is.

If anything that you just read applies to you, it sounds like you’re in the process of moving into an apartment. At Florida Moving Systems, we are happy to help you by providing great moving tips so you will be able to handle all of the unexpected challenges move-in day will bring. That’s right! We do more than just moving furniture and carrying boxes.

But before you sign that lease, take a look at our list of must-ask questions before moving into your new apartment. You will thank yourself later!

What is the preferred payment method?

Credit card users beware: some landlords will only accept paper checks. If you are moving in with a roommate, ask if you can pay separately. If not, now is the time to figure out how to transfer funds easily to each other.

Are utilities included in the rent?

Find out which utilities you will be responsible for. Aside from rent, water, electricity, and cable will tack on additional expenses every month, so make sure you understand the costs.

Is a parking pass provided?

Some complexes require a monthly parking space fee, even if it is not in a garage. Also, figure out where visitors can park.

Will I be able to get my security deposit back?

If you wait until after you hammer nails into the wall to find out the answer to this question, you may be disappointed. Get on the same page with your landlord by uncovering all of the “don’ts” so you can get that deposit back when your lease is up!

From all of us here in the Brevard County area, we wish you success in your move and hope you find out the answers to all of your apartment-related questions! Happy apartment hunting, and remember that we provide services ranging from storage to moving and packing. Once you settle on an apartment, let us make your move easier by calling 1-800-283-6683.

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