How Can I Love Moving?

How Can I Love Moving?

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How Can I Love Moving?

Ah, February…this month is known for love, candy hearts (that actually taste like chalk!), and romantic sentiments. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in multiple countries.  It is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.  For many people, all of February is a time to carry on cute little traditions. Women get manicures and pedicures in red and pink.  Husbands are forced to place flags in the yard with hearts all over them.  And, children began drooling over all the candy treats and chocolate they see in every store!

As we think about love throughout the month of February here at Florida Moving Systems, our minds wandered to thinking about how we can help you love the process of moving. This wouldn’t be a typical jump in thoughts for most people.  We realize that.  But, we have moving on the brain!

In many states, people wouldn’t even want to think about moving in February.  It would mean hours upon hours in freezing temperatures carrying Grandma’s piano through four feet of snow.  We don’t think that sounds especially appealing either.  But, February in Florida is lovely. Even when we are “freezing”, it’s not usually actually freezing.  And, snow…well, we travel to other states to visit that fluffy white stuff, and briefly at that!  February is that in-between month. Is it winter? Is it spring? Who cares? It’s short and there’s chocolate in abundant supply! What more do you need to know?

How can I possibly love anything about the moving process, you might be wondering.  No doubt the thought of it is enough to keep you up at night, making imaginary lists in your head of all things you need to do prior to, during, and following your move. How can anyone love moving?  We do!  At Florida Moving Systems, we love moving and we love helping you move.  What can we do to help you love moving too? Read on to find out.

We have over twenty-seven years in business with our corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Florida. If we didn’t love what we do, we wouldn’t still be doing it almost thirty years later! So, you asked how anyone could love moving?  You’ll love it too when you realize that we can do just about everything for you. Impossible, you say?  It’s true!  We can begin your moving process by packing for you. Those lists that were keeping you up at night don’t even need to exist.  We take care of those lists from top to bottom.  We call this our residential home turnkey service.  We will pack, haul, and unpack for you.

Don’t panic if you aren’t moving directly into your new residence. We realize that once your house is empty, you may take this time to take a little vacation, visit family, or stay in a hotel until you have the keys to your new residence. We’ve planned for those situations and have a 40,000 square foot custom designed warehouse to store your belongings. We take care of your items as if they are our own. We offer 24/7 security monitoring as well as state of the art sprinkler and fire system. For additional security, our Brevard County warehouse is also built to hurricane code.

As a final measure to ensure you really do love your move with Florida Moving Systems, we offer Updater which is a moving app.  With your free Updater account, you can have your mail forwarded, connect your utilities, find your local cable or internet providers, and even share digital moving announcements with family and friends. We firmly believe that we can take the stress off your shoulders and make moving a pleasant experience for you. Call us today for a free estimate and love your move!

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