Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

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Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least according to the old song! While some of you may be fortunate enough to have the holiday celebration at your house in Melbourne, FL or just a couple miles from home, many of us are out on the roads during the holiday season visiting family or friends. You may not be making a move during the holiday season, but we at Florida Moving Systems wanted to offer you some travel tips to help make your holiday season a bit less stressful.

When should you travel? Well, we can tell you what day to avoid which can be just as helpful. December 23 should be avoided, if possible. We know you can’t always control your vacation days, but if it’s possible to steer clear of December 23, we highly recommend it. Why? It is one of the busiest air travel days of the year. Another day is more likely to provide a less busy airport, and most likely, a less stressful travel experience. Driving does not exempt you from avoiding December 23 either. For several years, studies performed by AAA have shown December 23 to be the most dangerous day on the road. People are probably avoiding driving on Christmas Eve, thinking they will avoid the most traffic, but now you know that it’s true!

What should you do when traveling with pets? Make sure you work frequent stops into your travel plans. Our furry friends can get car sick too. They also like to stretch their legs or get a drink of water, just like us. Don’t forget a portable water dish. It takes up less room than their standard dish you use at home, as they are made to fold/collapse. You also want to make sure they get enough potty breaks. If you need one, they probably do too!

Children along for the ride? We have tips for that too! Some kiddos love to take a good, long snooze in the car. Make sure to bring pillows and blankets, so they can be as comfortable as possible. A sleeping child makes for a quiet ride and a happy child upon reaching your destination! They are rested and ready for the holiday festivities to begin. If your kids don’t like to or can’t fall asleep in the car, make sure you have plenty of snacks/drinks and things to occupy them like books, coloring items, or DVDs if your car is so equipped.

The last thing we would like to mention as an important holiday traveling tip is what to do if you have travelers with you that experience motion sickness, either car or air. There are multiple aids for travel sickness, such as bands you can wear on your wrists or stickers that go behind your ears. These are available at any local drugstore. There are also pills available. We would like to mention that Dramamine now makes a natural version that is safe for children ages 6 and up. Its only ingredient is ginger.

From all of us at Florida Moving Systems, we wish you safe travels throughout the holiday season and always!