Do It Myself or Hire a Moving Company?

Do it Myself or Hire a Moving Company?

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Do It Myself or Hire a Moving Company?

At Florida Moving Systems we have noticed that spring is a busy time of year for us which means it’s a busy time of year for you! If you are using our services, then that probably means you are in the midst of a move.

Whether you are moving just up the street or from Merritt Island over to Viera or are moving across the country, we know just what to do to make your move easier. We realize that moving can be stressful. Deciding whether to do it yourself or hiring a company like ours is often one of the decisions you face during this time.

Should you take forty-two trips back and forth, loading up your personal vehicles, your friends’ vehicles, and the truck of the guy you just met at Dunkin Donuts who said you could use it? Should you rent a U-Haul and load that up, hoping you get everything in just right, so that when you pull open that giant sliding door you don’t end up with a refrigerator on your head? Or, should you call Florida Moving Systems and let us lighten your load for you? Of course, we think you should call us! But, we don’t want to seem pushy. We want to give you some truly good reasons why hiring us is a great idea. While it is true that you CAN move by yourself, assuming you are physically capable, the questions remain: Do I want to take on this monumental task myself? Do I have the time to do this myself? Can I afford to hire someone else to do this for me? Can I trust someone else to do this for me? Let us help you answer those important and pressing questions prior to you making your move.

Do I want to take on this monumental task myself?

Only YOU can truly answer that question, obviously. You need to consider all that it entails. Packing your belongings will take days, not hours, in most cases. This, of course, depends on how large of a household you are moving. If you are single and live in a studio apartment, you may truly be able to take on the task yourself. If you are living in a 2500 square foot home, you might like to reconsider! You not only have to move your belongings but large pieces of furniture, as well. Moving is never a one-person job simply because one person cannot carry items such as sofa sectionals, refrigerators, or pianos.

Do I have time to do this myself?

Again, only YOU can answer this question, but we want to help you think through it. Do you work full time? Do you have young children who still need a great deal of attention and assistance throughout the day, so that your attempts to pack and move are continually being thwarted? And, even if YOU have time to commit to the necessary moving tasks, do your family or friends have time to help you when the time comes? You may be able to get the packing done, but do you have enough people in your life with enough time to help you move? Loading and unloading the truck, back and forth, at the old house and the new house takes a great deal of time. It is usually an all-day task. In some instances, it may take you two days to accomplish it.

Can I afford to hire someone else to do this for me?

We don’t know what your bank account looks like, but we do know that we want to work with you! You can actually contact us to get a free online quote. Simply fill out our form and we will get back to you promptly. If the initial quote doesn’t work for you, don’t give up on us. Let’s work together to find a solution. Maybe you need to pack your belongings to save a little money, but we can do all the heavy lifting! Whatever your needs, we want to work with you.

Can I trust someone else to do this for me?

Absolutely! We are an award-winning moving service. We employ highly trained, drug-tested, full-time movers. They are trained in everything from transporting medical equipment to knowing how to wrap and secure your grandmother’s fine china that you inherited. We treat all customers and all items with respect. We know that what we are packing and transporting matters to you; therefore, it matters to us! Hopefully, this has helped you answer some of those difficult questions that you have been pondering about your upcoming move. We love serving the Space Coast and hope to serve you!

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