Great Reasons to Move to Melbourne, FL

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Here’s Why You Should be Moving to Melbourne, FL


Melbourne, FL as of 2017, is the second-largest populated city in Brevard County. Why is it such an attractive place, you may wonder? Well, because of a wealth of interesting attractions, an abundance of affordable places to live, and relatively low living costs, it’s really no surprise why people are just flocking to this beautiful city. Check out the following reasons why you should be moving to Melbourne, FL today. And, remember, if you need Melbourne movers, don’t hesitate to call us at Florida Moving!

Affordable Cost of Living

Melbourne is considered one of the top locations to live in Florida due to its affordable cost of living. Renting an apartment or buying a house, when compared to other equally popular cities in the States, regularly costs less. Typically, homeownership is substantially less expensive because Florida residents don’t pay a state tax. It’s definitely a great reason to contact Melbourne movers to get an idea of how much it would cost you to move there.

Quality Schools

All parents want to provide their kids with a great education, and in Melbourne, it’s easier to do that with Brevard County’s best public schools. Also, the city has some top-rated colleges and universities.

Entertaining Outdoor Activities

For those of you who love being outdoors and active, you’ll surely want to relocate to Melbourne. The city has plenty of entertaining outdoor activities, such as great fishing opportunities, ocean boating, surfing, and camping, and still, there’s lots more fun things to check out.

Attractions and Landmarks

In Melbourne, you’ll have your run of some of Florida’s most famous attractions and Landmarks. SeaWorld in Orlando is a giant park filled with aquatic-themed entertainment and rides. The Brevard Zoo, a favorite attraction in Melbourne, houses and protects more than 195 species of animals from Florida and other parts of the world. In downtown Melbourne, a popular site that dates back to the 1800s, you’ll have tons of choices for both entertainment and shopping. Kennedy Space Center, located about an hour outside of Melbourne, is the iconic space facility that ended up giving the Space Coast its unique name.

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