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Moving During the Holidays? Find the Right Moving Companies

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Does the thought of moving during the holidays stress you out? moving during the holidays

Who wouldn’t panic at the mere suggestion of a transfer over such a busy time of year?  The holidays are usually meant for spending time with family and friends not calling moving companies!  Tossing and turning at night trying to figure out how you’re going to stay sane?  Give Florida Moving Systems a call and you’ll be on your way to getting a night of restful sleep, and your sanity back!  Our skilled staff and friendly crews have years of experience dealing with transfers during tricky periods of the year.  Our customer care reps will tailor-make a plan that suits your timeline and requirements.

Complete service packages structured to your specific needs!

Need more time to dedicate to the menu instead of coordinating your move?  Prefer to prepare grandpa’s famous sweet potato casserole rather spending time emptying out your cupboards?  Our client reps will skillfully coordinate so your transfer runs smoothly as can be, leaving you extra time to handle other important holiday tasks.  No more wrapping and unwrapping.  No packing and unpacking.  Not even disassembly and re-assembly, unless you want it!  As a top-rated industry specialist among moving companies, you can rest assured that we’ll have things covered to ensure your holiday peace of mind.

Sweet potato “hash” recipe, anyone?

Everyone, including moving companies, claim to have the best sweet potato recipe.  And this one isn’t only delicious, it’s SUPER simple.  All it takes is a frying pan, so no worries if the oven’s busy with turkey and sides!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-3 medium-sized sweet potatoes, washed, trimmed, then cubed (~ 1/3” size cubes)
  • About 2 T. of olive oil or a little more
  • About 1/2 – 1 tsp. each dried Italian seasoning mix and rosemary
  • About 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. each of chili powder and garlic powder
  • About 1-2 T. of soy sauce, some salt and ground pepper
  • Heat oil in pan over med-low heat, add sweet potatoes, seasonings, salt and pepper
(soy sauce goes in later)
  • Cover, lower heat to low and let simmer, stirring occasionally so potatoes don’t burn.

Continue until almost tender then add soy sauce, mix well and cover

  • Continue until tender, then taste, adjust seasoning and enjoy! Yum!

Call Florida Moving Systems today for a hassle-free estimate!  And maybe another recipe, too?

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Moving Companies in Orlando FL – The Difference Between a Low-Cost & Pro Moving Team

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Moving Companies in Orlando FL – The Difference Between a Low-Cost Provider & Pro Moving Team

moving companies

When shopping around for moving companies in Orlando, Florida, the worst thing you can possibly do is choose the cheapest provider. Sure, you’re looking do save money – as much as possible. But if you don’t do your due diligence and go with the least expensive crew, you may end up with an astronomical bill at the end of your big day. Since no two moving companies in Orlando, Florida will offer you the same kind of service, it’s best to take the time and consider what you want from your movers.

Amateur Vs. Qualified

Since an amateur team may not necessarily be licensed, make sure to check up on all potential candidates to ensure they’re qualified and certified to oversee your relocation. The BBB, online reviews and website ratings will also clarify if you can trust them. Professional moving companies in Orlando, Florida, on the other hand, are normally licensed and have high reviews and ratings.

Last-Minute Chaos Vs. Planned In-Advance Move

One glaring difference between low-cost providers and pros teams comes down to how they treat your move. Is it more of last-minute chaos or planned well-ahead of time? An expert team will plan everything in advance in an effort to be efficient and seamless. On the other hand, amateurs typically never plan anything ahead of time, which leads to a move that takes a lot longer.

Ever-Changing Rate Vs. Clear, Detailed Quote

Usually, professional providers offer clear, detailed quotes, so customers have a good idea of how much their move will cost when all is said and done. However, low-cost providers tend to provide low-ball evaluations to bait you into hiring them, only to up the final price to sometimes two or three times their initial fee. As well, pro teams often offer a guarantee for their work – amateurs don’t.

Unknown History Vs. Long List of Referrals

When asking for proof of past satisfied customers, an expert team will have no problem whipping out a long list of referrals for you to contact. Trusted movers are trusted for a reason. Amateur or low-cost movers, however, may skirt this question and try to avoid giving you proof of happy customers – because they may not have any!

Looking for trustworthy moving companies in Orlando, Florida? Then give us a call at Florida Moving Systems for a reliable team that will provide the ultimate move!

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The Hidden Costs of a DIY Move Tips From a Top Moving Company in Melbourne FL

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moving in melbourne

A DIY move may sound like a cheap alternative to hiring professionals. But, in the long run, there are a plethora of hidden moving costs you may not have even considered – thus making a Do-It-Yourself relocation a whole lot more than you bargained for. Let’s go over a few costs most people never think about in this article.

Tips From a Top Moving Company in Melbourne FL

Time Commitment

While the endeavor of packing up an entire household may seem like a big job, the true spectrum of such a monumental task is often very misjudged. Consider this: if you and your partner are full-time working parents, when will you find the time to pack-up the house, basement, and garage? Evenings and weekends are already crazy as it is, so how do you plan on pulling it off in just a few short months? Truthfully, it takes a great deal of time to pack a whole house – time you may not have to spare.

Truck Rental Costs

What may have started at a cheap base fee of $100 and a fantastic hourly rate of $19.99, after extras like mileage fees, cleaning surcharges, and gas, you may be looking at an astronomical invoice? Let’s not forget limited manpower and the constant back-forth of multiple moving trips, and you’re looking at days and days worth of fees, surcharges, and gas. A professional moving company in Melbourne, FL, however, will typically tell you up-front what fees to expect, so the final cost is never a shocking surprise.

Personal Injuries

If you don’t have the proper equipment or amount of people helping out, then you may be in store for injuries you didn’t even consider. And, of course, incurring these injuries can result in major healthcare costs. In this instance, you’re normally better off hiring an expert moving company in Melbourne, FL to do the heavy lifting. Since movers do this type of work day-in and day-out, they’re well-equipped to handle any type of relocation.

Reliable Labor

A big hidden cost of moving is labor reliability. Perhaps, to begin with, a handful of friends eagerly volunteered to help you move. As such, you made plans taking into account this number of helpers. But, at the last minute, come moving day you’re left with only one person who can assist you. Not only will this take a toll on your body, but quite possibly, may result in hiring a moving company in Melbourne, FL on short notice. This, as you can imagine, would rack up a hefty bill because of the urgent status of your request.

Contact us today at Florida Moving Systems for reliable, dependable assistance at industry-competitive rates.

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5 Things You Might Forget To Do While Packing | Tips From Local Moving Companies

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There’s no doubt about it, moving into another home can be an overwhelming process. So overwhelming, in fact, that you might forget to do a whole bunch of things while packing. Plan ahead with the help of our Florida Moving experts to make your relocation as hassle-free as possible. As one of the leading local moving companies in Florida, our pros always have excellent advice!

  1. Address Change

Update your change of address with service providers as soon as you can. Ideally, a couple of months in advance. In doing so, there will be less room for mistakes. Here’s a list of several key providers to remind you of the essentials.

  • Driver’s license and/or vehicle permit
  • Health insurance
  • Credit cards
  • Banking institutions
  1. Paperwork

You want to keep important documentation separate from everything else that you’re packing. Passports, birth certificates, diplomas, and other vital paperwork should be placed in a special box or binder. As well, since you might need access to house deeds, car papers, financial information, or other important documents, consider keeping those in the binder too. In doing so, no matter what happens, you’ll always know that your essential paperwork is safe and easily located.

  1. Clothes and Toiletries

Realistically, you may not be able to unpack on move-in day. Therefore, pack an emergency bag with basic toiletries and a couple of spare sets of clothing. Since it will take you a few days to settle in, this easy-to-access bag will set your mind at ease that you have everything you need to function for a few days.

Utility Set-Up

Not only is changing your address important but so is setting up utilities at your new home. Aside from heating and cooling, you may want to consider what you’ll need to do to set up electricity, water, cable, and internet. Again, give yourself several days in advance to make sure no issues arise.

Box Labelling

Sure, you may want to just get that packing over and done with, but will it necessarily help you in the long run? If you’re just mindlessly throwing things into containers without any foresight, you’re going to be making your unpacking job nearly unbearable. Detailed labeling can save you a whole lot of time and energy, and quite possibly save your sanity too! That way you’ll always know what’s in the boxes and where the contents belong.

When looking for local moving companies to oversee your upcoming transfer, give us a call at Florida Moving Systems. Our team can ensure efficient, effective transfers to anywhere in the world. As one of the favorite local moving companies in Florida, you’re assured quality services and a positive move every time.


Packing an Overnight Bag? What You Should Pack – Tips From Movers in Orlando

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What Should You Pack in an Overnight Bag? Take a Look at Some Tips From Movers in Orlando, FL

Whether you’re moving just around the corner, clear across the city, or to another country altogether, any kind of move can be overwhelming and stressful. But you can make the whole process a little bit less hectic if you pack an overnight bag. You’ll be living out of it for a couple of days or so, and as such, you should consider what essentials you’ll need.

Not sure where to start? That’s okay, our expert movers in Orlando at Florida Moving have come up with the following list of essentials that you may need in your overnight bag.

Clothing – After a seemingly endless day of packing and moving, the last thing you may want to do is rummage through the sea of boxes to find your PJs. And, imagine if you don’t find the clothes you’re looking for – why you’d be stuck wearing the same (dirty) thing for a couple of days! Avoid this fiasco entirely by packing at least a couple of clean outfits, including something to sleep in, so as not to feel rushed in finding things on your first night in your new home.

Basic Toiletries – Is there anything better than taking a nice, long shower after an exhausting day moving? But, what will you do if you can’t find towels, let alone soap, conditioner, and shampoo! Make sure to prepare these in advance and pack them in your bag.

Electronic Chargers – Without your charger, you may feel like you’re lost at sea! Set aside the chargers for your tablet, laptop, phone, and anything else you may need so they’re handy in one spot.

Plates and Cutlery – You may not want to go to restaurants for every single meal while you haven’t fully unpacked. If you’d like to stick to a budget, it is especially important to think about packing cutlery and plates, even if you’ll be ordering in take-out.

Set of Sheets – Truthfully, bed sheets are the last thing that people remember to pack. So, if you want to avoid sleeping on a plain mattress, pack a set of sheets, a pillow, and a spare blanket for your first few nights.

Depending on your personal taste, this list may not be addressing all of your essential items. But, hopefully, our movers in Orlando have given you a list that will be useful to you. Use our helpful guidelines to serve as a reminder and help you pack must-have items for the overnight bag you’ll need for your upcoming move. Should you need any further advice, our Florida Moving team would be more than happy to chat with you over the phone. And, of course, if you’re in search of excellent movers in Orlando, we’re here to help!

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