Mother Hubbard, the Cupboard is Bare!

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Some of you reading this may not even remember that old nursery rhyme, but you definitely know what a bare cupboard is. Sadly, throughout Brevard County, many families have bare cupboards or cupboards with just a few basic items left in them. We often get apathetic to such a plight. When we have plenty, we are apt to forget that some have little or none. We can get judgmental thinking that the impoverished should just get a better job or work harder. But, many people are working full time already. How many more hours should they have to work simply to feed their families?

Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

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Turning a Big Move Into a Big Vacation

Moving is a big task even when it’s just across town. Some of you may be getting ready to make moves from one state to another or even from one coast to another. At Florida Moving Systems, we like to give travel tips to help make your move as easy and fun as possible. We know that most of you don’t associate the word fun with a move, but the two can go hand-in-hand.

To help us illustrate our point, we decided to talk with a family that made a coast-to-coast move from California to Florida. While this drive could technically be done in three or four days, that is a lot of driving in a very short period of time. That isn’t super fun. So, we wanted to know what this family did to turn their big move into a big vacation.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home: Part 2

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A few weeks ago, our Florida Moving Systems blog went over a few practical ways to improve the curb appeal of your house while on the market. If you are one of our readers trying to sell your home in the Vero Beach or Melbourne areas, we hope you found our suggestions helpful and maybe even put them to use! If you haven’t had a chance to read the article, click here.