Moving Terminology

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Moving comes with its own host of terms, terminology, and language related to the transport of items.  Although your moving coordinator will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your agreement and what you can expect from moving day, this list provides a quick and easy way to stay on top the moving process and all its various lingo.

Moving Contract Terminology

Of all the moving language you’ll encounter, the contract terms tend to be the most complex. Before you sign any paperwork, you should know the following.

Binding Estimate: This estimate provides a firm quote for services. If you make no changes to contract or service (and all weights have been appraised accurately), your costs will be no lower and no higher than the figure provided here.

Non-Binding Estimate: This estimate is subject to changes, usually due to the weight of your items on the day of the move.

Not-to-Exceed Estimate: This estimate provides a maximum amount you can expect to pay. If your items weigh less than anticipated, you could end up paying a smaller amount.

Order for Service: This contract notifies the movers that they have a right to perform services in the estimate. Once signed, the wheels are set in motion, so make sure you’re happy with the estimate and company before you put this order through.

Change Order: Sometimes, things change in the process of packing and getting ready. This written agreement covers the costs of additional services you request that weren’t included in the estimate.

Bill of Lading: This official contract contains the terms and conditions of your move, as well as information related to your specific situation. It should include delivery dates, the valuation coverage you selected, and pricing and payment terms.

Inventory Sheet: This is the master list of all items being moved (it also covers the condition of each item, and is filled out during the initial moving stages).

Customer Check-Off Sheet: This sheet is provided for you to check off every item and its condition as it comes off the truck.

Valuation Protection: This refers to the level of insurance or protection for your belongings you receive from your moving company. It sets the available compensation and repairs your mover will provide in the event of damaged or lost items.

Appliance Service: This charge covers the preparation for shipment of appliances (including washing machines, dryers, etc.).

Expedited Service: When you need to move things along quickly, this agreement arranges to ship items by a set date in exchange for a higher fee.

Additional & Accessorial Charges: These charges are incurred in addition to the transport of your items (packing, labor, appliance service, etc.).

Moving and Mover Terms

As the movers head in and get to work, you’ll be less concerned about the contract and more concerned about the actual process. Here are a few words and terms you should know before that happens.

Carrier: Most professional movers who provide the actual transportation of your household goods are known as carriers.

Move Coordinator/Relocation Specialist: Your move coordinator is your point of contact throughout your relocation. He or she is who you’ll turn to for questions, support, and information.

Storage-In-Transit (SIT): If you need some time as you move from one home to another, you may need to opt for temporary storage that keeps your belongings safe for up to 90 days at a time.

Van Operator: This individual will be the one responsible for loading, unloading, and transport.

  Source: NAVL

5 Clever Packing Tips

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Use a plastic garbage bag with a draw string to pack up your closet. Then you can go directly from the old closet to the new, while keeping you clothes organized. Total time saver! Not to mention all the boxes you will save. Its the greatest trick ever.


Layer your plates between Styrofoam plates.  This makes life SO much easier, because not only is it easy to pack, it’s a snap to unpack, and they’re perfectly protected.




Moving Tip – Packing Tape As Nut and Bolt Holder: Gather loose bolts and nails for furniture, etc. by sticking them to a length of packing tape and layering another piece on top; label what they go with. (They eavesdropping even go in a little Ziploc) You can even tape them to the furniture piece, wall art, etc. so you don’t have to search for them after the move.



Press’n Seal Saran Wrap is your friend!  simply wrap your jewelry box up in this sticky stuff and then pack it away in a box.  When you get to your new home all you have to do was unwrap it and hang it up.  No having to fuss with each piece of jewelry.  So easy!!


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Cross Country Moving

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Moving Checklist

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_____  Hire a mover.   Ask friends for recommendations for movers. Get quotes from at least three licensed companies.

               Be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Are on-site estimates offered? 
  • How is pricing determined?
  • Will the movers pack items? (If so, at what additional cost?)
  • Is the quote binding or nonbinding?
  • What insurance is included?
  • What additional charges may arise?
_____  Request a copy of the signed contract.

_____  Contact your insurance company for additional coverage (optional).

_____  Create a binder to hold all move-related paperwork (checklists, contracts, receipts).


_____  Conduct a room-by-room survey. Sort items to keep, donate, discard, and sell.

_____  Hold a garage sale if desired.

_____  Have valuable items appraised. Photograph or videotape them. Upload images onto the computer, and save them to a CD.


Gather packing supplies, including:
  • Boxes (various sizes; wardrobe boxes)
  • Box cutters
  • Tape (packing, masking, blue painters’) Tape dispensers
  • Wrapping material (bubble, plastic, tissue paper) Labels
  • Colored stickers


_____  Pack contents of garage, attic, and storage areas, as well as other infrequently used items (books, holiday decorations).

_____  Assign a color to each room. Mark boxes and furniture with appropriate stickers (see label template).

_____  Label and number each box. Keep a master inventory list with contents of each box.

_____  Have utilities and phone/Internet services disconnected in the old home the day after you leave and installed in the new home the day before you arrive.

_____  Call a locksmith to have your new home’s locks changed on moving day or before.

_____  Arrange to have a cleaning company prepare the new home before you arrive and tidy the old home after you leave if desired.

_____  Create a binder to hold all move-related paperwork (checklists, contracts, receipts).


_____  Pack the bulk of your items.

_____  Complete a change-of-address form online ( or at the post office.

_____  Notify magazines, newspapers, banks, and credit card companies of your new address.


_____  Print an information sheet for the movers. Include the old and new addresses, directions, and your cell phone number.

_____  Get a cashier’s check made for the movers if necessary. Withdraw cash for the tip.

_____  Finish packing. Set aside enough clothing for the week ahead, plus a suitcase or two for those items.

_____  Put small valuables and important documents in a box or bag. Ask a friend to hold on to it until you’re settled, or lock it in the trunk of your car on moving day.

_____  Create a last-out, first-in box with all day-to-day necessities, including any of the following that are applicable:

  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • Basic tools
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Medications
  • Camera (to document items broken in transit)
  • Snacks
  • A few dishes and utensils


_____  Do a walk-through before movers arrive to make sure everything is packed.

_____  Make sure there are no items left behind.

_____  Give keys to the real estate agent or landlord.

_____  Arrange for someone to direct the movers at your new home.

_____  Check items off the inventory list as they are unloaded.

_____  Inspect for damages. Photograph relevant items before signing the release (sometimes referred to as a bill of lading).

_____  Test faucets, toilets, utilities, phones, smoke detectors, and security systems.

_____  Turn on water heater if necessary.

_____  Begin to unpack.

_____  Flatten boxes. Set them out for recycling, or store for future use


_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


(source: Martha Stuart)

Moving Do’s and Don’ts

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dos-and-donts-of-moving- dos-and-donts-of-moving-do      



Do start planning your move at least a month in advance.

Do go through all of your closets and drawers and get rid of items you don’t need or haven’t used in a long time.

Do have a yard sale or donate items you no longer need.

Do make a list of all of the packing supplies you need. Ask your mover for assistance.

Do get at least three written estimates

Do label boxes with the contents and room

Do stay present on moving day. The movers are going to have questions and you need to be there to ensure a smooth move.

Do stay hydrated during the move and wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Do get a good night’s sleep before the move.

Do have a “moving day survival kit.” These are items that you need in the event you don’t completely unpack. It should include toiletries, towels, a change of clothes and bedding.

Do make a list of everything you need to do on moving day.

Do make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Ask your mover for assistance.

Do make necessary arrangement for pets.

Do make sure you have necessary medications.



Don’t have small children with you on moving day.

Don’t select your mover on price alone. Make sure the company is reputable, insured, licensed and experienced.

Don’t overload boxes. Ask your mover for advice on what should be packed in the appropriate sized box.

Don’t pack valuables such as jewelry and important documents. Keep them with you.

Don’t forget to make the necessary arrangements for correspondence and utilities.

Don’t forget to make arrangements for meals and snacks before during and after the move.

Don’t forget to check your calendar for scheduling conflicts and ask for necessary days off at work.

Don’t leave packing for the last minute. Be done in advance so that you are free to supervise the move or deal with any unexpected issues.


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