Things To Do Before Movers Arrive

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Things You Should Do with Your New Home Before The Movers Arrive

When you are moving to a new home, the movers will usually give you a window of time when your stuff will arrive at your new home, after they have finished packing your belongings. That time between when you move from your current home and when you unpack in the new home can either be a pain or an opportunity. You can either spend it twiddling your thumb and seething with impatience, or you can do something constructive to prepare your new home, as Ackley Florida Management suggests. Hopefully, you should arrive at your new residence before the movers What simple steps can you take to make unpacking easier when they eventually arrive? Read on to find out.

1.    Map and prepare your new home

You need to know where everything in your new home is and how you want your items arranged. Your movers are not going to help you set up the home but knowing where you want your things can help you unpack in more efficiently. Designate a pathway for moving your boxes into the home and if you have already moved some of your boxes, keep them out of the way.

2.    Give the home a deep clean

Regardless of whether the previous occupant did a move-out cleaning or not, you should give the home a deep clean. You will never get a better chance to give your new home a thorough cleaning before the spaces get cluttered with furniture and other items. If you suspect that there are pests in the home, have both the outside and inside properly treated.

3.    Do minor repairs and improvements

Before the movers arrive is the best time to fix anything that is not working. Since there will not be any furniture to get in your way, this is the time to repaint parts of the home or touch up the paint. Go over the home and inspect doors, faucets, light fixtures, cabinets, and windows. Any repairs or improvements you need to do will be a lot easier now.

4.    Transfer your utilities

Ideally, you already gave notice to the utility companies before you moved out of your previous address. Now you need to let them know that you are in your new home and ready for the utilities to come back on. If you get the utilities running before the movers arrive, you can turn on the AC or heating and make the moving experience a lot more pleasant for everyone.

5.    Connect your services

Have services like cable, internet, and other subscriptions running before your belongings arrive. That way you

can plug in the TV and other devices and start using them immediately. This is a necessary step to make the new place start feeling like home.

6.    Buy essentials for the home

There will be lots of stuff from your old home that you could not bring to the new one; such as items a moving company will not transport. This means you will be short of some essential home supplies. Before your things arrive, use this time to stock up on what you need such as food, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and bathroom essentials.

7.    Get to know the area

Acquaint yourself with your new environment. Find out the location of important services. Talk to the neighbors; you may find out valuable information. Get to know if there are safety or security threats you should be aware of. If possible, stop at the local police station to say hello and introduce yourself. In short, get some situational awareness.

8.    Reserve storage if you are going to need it

If you are doing some work on the new home and will not be able to move your belongings into it immediately, you will need a storage facility near your home. Do not wait until your things arrive to start looking. Do it days before and take the time to go see the facility. You may also need storage if you do not plan to use all the items from your old home.

9.    Arrange parking for the moving truck

This is something you are likely to take for granted. Do not assume that parking will be available or you will set yourself up for disappointment. If the truck is not able to park close to the front door, you will give the movers more work and they will make you pay for it. To avoid stress and extra costs, find out what you can do to secure parking space in front of your home or a neighbor’s driveway.

10. Remove your doors

Hopefully, you would have taken the dimensions of large items like furniture. If they will not pass through the doors of your new home and you can’t dismantle them, you may have to remove the doors. You will normally need a professional to do this, but some movers will do it too. Whatever you do, make sure the doors are replaced before nightfall. Finally, protect the floor in your new home from scuffs and scratches by getting some protection for them.
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