Boost the curb appeal of your home

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Boost the curb appeal of your home

Every real estate professional knows that an attractive face (and we’re not talking about make-up) is not merely memorable, it can be the deciding factor in the sale of a home. After all, no one wants to buy a house that makes them cringe when they look at it! The experts at Florida Moving Systems have uncovered some of the most helpful tips to increase your likelihood of selling your house quickly. Embellishing the exterior of your home is actually one of the best ways to do this. Keep reading and discover ways to impress potential buyers.

Start with the web

Did you know that 88% of home buyers start the search for the perfect home online? A low-quality photo can turn someone away instantly if it is the only thing they see. Make sure shoppers don’t keep scrolling past your listing by providing optimal views of your home! Experiment by taking photos at different times of the day to find just the right amount of sunlight, keeping in mind that it may vary by room (too much light can give off a washed-out look).

Stand in the buyer’s shoes

Examine the exterior of your home by grabbing something to take notes, then take a walk around your property. Does anything catch your eye that needs to be repaired? Jot it down. Do the same from the street by slowly driving past your home from each direction. You may spot loose lawn accessories or yard toys that you never noticed before.

Shine up your numbers

This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to spruce up your entryway. Give your house address numbers a good shine, or replace them altogether to enhance the style of your home. If your address is only listed on your mailbox, make sure your mailbox is looking pristine. If it’s getting old and weathered, consider replacing it.

Recruit a friend

A second set of eyes that do not belong to a resident of the home can uncover several defects or eyesores that homeowners can easily get used to and forget about. Ask a friend to take a look around to spot things you may have overlooked.

By taking some simple advice and performing a few easy fixes, you will have more interested buyers than you expected! Remember to check our website for other helpful tips and blogs; you’ll also find we offer plenty of moving, packing, and storage services to the Brevard County area. Once you have your house sold call Florida Moving Systems for an easy transition, whether you’re moving across town or across the country.