Mother Hubbard, the Cupboard is Bare!

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Some of you reading this may not even remember that old nursery rhyme, but you definitely know what a bare cupboard is. Sadly, throughout Brevard County, many families have bare cupboards or cupboards with just a few basic items left in them. We often get apathetic to such a plight. When we have plenty, we are apt to forget that some have little or none. We can get judgmental thinking that the impoverished should just get a better job or work harder. But, many people are working full time already. How many more hours should they have to work simply to feed their families?

Spring Breeze, Dazzling Daffodil, Apple Orchard – Huh?

Spring Breeze, Dazzling Daffodil, Apple Orchard – Huh?

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You might be confused by the title of this blog. Well, as promised, it is the follow-up to our laundry blog. Those are just some of the names you might find on the bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener in the laundry aisle of your favorite store. There has to be more to choosing these items than the smell, right? If only it were that easy, we could breeze down the aisle and grab the first scent that caught our eye, then be on our merry way. In actuality, it takes a little more thought than that.

The Battle with Laundry

It’s Everywhere…The Battle With Laundry

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The Battle with Laundry

Does it ever feel like doing laundry is a losing battle? You look at that beautiful, empty laundry basket and feel such a sense of accomplishment. Then, everyone gets ready for bed that evening. You walk past the laundry basket and it’s already at least half full again. You want to raise your fist in the air and cry out, “WHY???” Why does it reappear so quickly? Why does it never seem to end? And, why doesn’t a laundry fairy show up and help? OK, the last one is outside of the realm of possibility, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

There's a Louse in my House

There’s a Louse in My House!

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There's a Louse in my House

No, we aren’t talking about that relative who came for a one week visit and is still on your couch three months later! We are simply using the singular form of that dreaded word…LICE! We know, we know…fear just struck your heart! You may be having flashbacks of a time in your childhood when you were subjected to a thorough delousing after a school outbreak. Or, you may be crossing yourself saying, “Please, not my child!” Whatever thoughts are running through your head, we want to take a blog to address these little creatures since school is back in session and you are bound to get a notice that there are lice at some point during the school year. If you don’t have children, it is still good to know about lice because adults can get them too.

Back to School, Back to Reality

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While kids, both big and little, head back to school the air is filled with a mix of emotions. Some kids are returning with fear and trepidation while others have been waiting all summer to get back to school. On the part of the parents, some are sad as they enjoy the time with their kids and not being restricted by a school schedule while others are doing a happy dance that the first day of school has returned. Either way, the thing that rules the majority of the year for many people is back…the school year!

We thought it would be fun to give some suggestions for parents now that the kids are gone from 8:00-2:30 or later every day. For many of you, your life looks much the same as you were at work all summer during those hours and will continue to be at work with school back in session, but we are not leaving you out! We have suggestions for you too.

Our first suggestion is a back to school celebration breakfast. If you have time before work and after dropping the kids at school, go out to breakfast! You can do this alone and bring a book with you, with a significant other, or go with a group of other parents. What you are not allowed to do during this breakfast is work! No getting caught up on emails or making phone calls is allowed. You must simply relax and enjoy breakfast.

If you aren’t a big breakfast eater or don’t have time to stop for breakfast, then grab a treat on the go. Go through a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drive-through and grab yourself a treat that you wouldn’t otherwise normally get. No counting calories or sugars allowed! Simply enjoy your tasty treat.

If you REALLY have time, then we suggest an early movie. Did you know that the Premiere Oaks on Hibiscus Ave. in Melbourne offers $4 movie showings prior to noon? Go see that movie that the kids aren’t allowed to see or wouldn’t like. Again, this is something you can do alone or with others.

Take the day off! If you work and have some vacation days available, take a day off just for you! If you don’t work, you can still take the day off by not doing whatever normal duties you would do while the kids are at school. So, no paying bills or going grocery shopping is allowed. Take a nap. Binge watch a show. Read a book. Take the day off!

Our last suggestion for your back to school bliss is to take some time at the beach. We don’t know if you live close enough, but if you do, then go for it! Grab a towel, sunscreen, a water, and go, Looking at your phone is not allowed. You must listen to the waves, dig your toes in the sand, and just be in the moment.

We hope you take one of our suggestions, apply it to your life, and enjoy! At Florida Moving Systems, know that the beginning of the school year can be stressful, particularly if you are in the midst of a move. That is why we are here. We are available to meet all your moving needs from packing to moving to storage. We are located in Melbourne in Brevard County but service all surrounding areas. We handle everything from a move next door to a move across the country, so call us today!