Closing Up Your Vacation Home

Closing Up Your Vacation Home

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Closing Up Your Vacation Home

Our beloved Florida is affectionately and accurately referred to as the Sunshine State. Because of our beautiful subtropical and tropical climates throughout the state, we get a lot of visitors. Of course, having so many fun things to do, like a plethora of amusement parks as well as fun outdoor activities like airboats make it a great place to visit! The weather only adds to the enjoyment. Most visitors just come for a vacation, a week or two, if they are lucky. But, we do have a decent amount of visitors that come for larger chunks of time. Most of these visitors come from colder states during the winter months and stay here in Florida to escape the cold and snow in their home state. We can’t blame them. We love it here too!

Florida has an average of 239 days of sunshine per year. That means 67% of our days are sunny. In contrast, New York has 184 days of sunshine per year, making only about half of their days sunny. Around Easter each year, our northern visitors make their way back home before it gets really hot and humid here.

Moving In or Out

Moving In or Out – It’s Cleaning Day!

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Moving in or out

There are some things about moving that are unavoidable. You have to pack and unpack even though it is a dastardly deed. You have to sort, organize, and throw things out that you wish you hadn’t packed! And, you have to clean. If you are moving out of a rental, cleaning is part of the deal, at least if you want your deposit returned to you from the landlord. Moving costs money, so getting that deposit back is a desirable result of cleaning once you’ve emptied your former abode.

Packing Made Easy: Part 2

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Welcome back to the blog for Florida Moving Systems where we want to make your moving experience the best it can possibly be for you! This is the second part of our two-part blog regarding packing – when should you pack what items? It can seem so daunting as you walk around your house wondering how and where to begin. You try snapping your fingers like Mary Poppins thinking maybe something magical will happen, but everything stays right where it is. Sigh. You can always call us because we can handle your move from start to finish! But, like we mentioned in the first part of this blog, we wanted to offer a packing guide for those of you who will be packing up your house yourself and then letting us do the heavy lifting for you!

Packing Made Easy: Part 1

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When preparing for a move, packing can be the one thing that many of us dread the most. The unpacking can be kind of fun. We get to organize our new place “just so” and for at least that first blissful month everything is organized and where it belongs, at least until someone uses it for the first time and promptly misplaces it!