Are You Hurricane Ready?

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If you’re a native of the area or you’ve lived in the state of Florida for a good portion of your lifetime, there’s a good chance you’ve been through a hurricane or two. You’re no stranger to empty grocery store aisles, stocking up on batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food, and waiting in line at your local hardware store to get plywood for boarding up your windows. At Florida Moving Systems, not only do we provide stellar moving and storage services, we also want to do our part to help you be prepared and stay safe all season long. Keep reading to see how prepared you are in the event one of these storms makes its way to Brevard County.

Evacuation Zones

First, construct an emergency evacuation plan of which friends or family members you can stay with if you have to get out of town. If there are none that you can stay with, find out where the nearest emergency shelter is located. If you have pets, remember to check first if you’ll be allowed to bring them with you. No four-legged family members get left behind!

Weathering the Storm

If there’s no need for evacuation, make sure you’re ready to settle in and take shelter in your own home. Whether that means boarding windows or gathering important documents such as birth certificates and insurance paperwork and securing them in water proof bags, protect your possessions. Keep in mind that even if your neighborhood isn’t directly hit by the storm, there’s still quite a bit of damage that can occur from flooding, large branches, or flying debris.

Stocking Up

It is common for grocery store raids to take place as soon as people get wind of an approaching storm. Go early and purchase emergency items (medications, food, water, etc.) just in case. Even if you end up not needing to use them, it’s always better to be more prepared than not prepared enough. Charge all of your electronic devices and try to limit use in order to save battery power. Aside from hurricane preparedness, there are a lot of great moving and residential resources on our website that you can check out here. From all of us at Florida Moving Systems, our prayers and thoughts are with those in the path of Hurricane Harvey. To find out how you can help, visit this page.