Advice for Moving Into a New Dorm in Tampa, FL

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Advice for Moving Into a New Dorm 


School is about to start again for many students out there! While some will stay where they are, others must prepare for the journey to another city, state or country. If this is your first year living in a dorm room, you’ll want to check out the following advice to make your transfer less stressful.

Only Pack Essentials

Since you may not be sure how much space you’ll have in your dorm room, stick to packing only essential items. This is typically made easier by most universities as they normally provide students with basic furniture. Therefore, focus on necessities like personal items, school supplies, towels, and linens.

Use Storage Containers

Use storage containers to transport smaller items, which you can then utilize to organize your new place. Quality moving companies in Tampa can also provide you with premium moving supplies should you need any extra for transport.

Organize from the Get-Go

Start organizing your belongings from the moment you begin packing for your new adventure. Doing so will ultimately save you a ton of time in the long run. So, instead of haphazardly throwing stuff into a box, take the time to organize everything neatly. That way most of the work will be done even before you arrive!

Add a Touch of Home

Don’t forget to bring along a few things to add a touch of home to your dorm room. Artwork, family pictures, and even your favorite pillow and a stuffed animal can ward off feelings of homesickness and turn your room into a more personalized space.

Purchase Upon Arrival

Instead of buying large things you’ll need once you get to school and lugging them across state lines with moving companies in Tampa, consider purchasing them upon arrival. Not only will you save on moving costs, but you’ll also have a lot fewer things to worry about packing. Plus, you’ll be able to better gauge what would or would not fit in your room once you’re actually living there.

Moving on your own into a new dorm room can be an overwhelming experience. But, when you have experienced moving companies in Tampa on your side, there’s no need to feel stressed! Give us a call today at Florida Moving for excellent service at industry-competitive pricing.