A Tale of Packing and Moving

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Packing and Moving

Have you ever had to pack up your house and move? If so, you know this can be a daunting task. We thought it might be fun to post a short story about what might go through someone’s head during the tedious task of packing, and if you’ve ever moved you can probably relate!

The time has come! We get to move. There’s so much wrapping and packing. I don’t know what to do. But, I won’t fret or despair, surely I can get this done in no time flat. I’m quick, I’m organized, I’m a planner, it’s true. Watch out, house, I’m coming for you!

I begin slowly but steady, one room at a time. I think, one hour per room, sure…that will be fine. We have three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms (oh, good, that half bath will only take a half hour!), a kitchen, a living room, a playroom, and a laundry room which has become a bit of a dumping ground. No worries! Nine and a half hours should do the trick. It will be a long day, but each room will be quick.

I start in the master bedroom, fairly tidy, it’s true. I think to myself that this won’t be hard to do. But, as I begin, I look at the dresser. It has on it framed pictures of cherubic faces. They were so little not so long ago. My nose feels a bit runny, my eyes a bit watery, but I will press on…no time for this dawdling!

Perhaps I should start in the master bath instead, but as I pass through the doorway, a sight catches my eye. It is the kids’ measurements on the door jam. The years were gone in the blink of an eye. Forget it, I think. I’ll start somewhere else. I’m just feeling sentimental as this move approaches. The next room will be easier I say as the next hour encroaches.

The kitchen might not be so bad. There’s nothing sentimental in there, but the kids hear me banging around and decide it’s time for a snack and a drink, a cartoon on the tv…I’ll get back to the kitchen after my mommy duty. To the kitchen I return, but I have lost my momentum. Perhaps another room will get my moving juices flowing. I’m sure that’s the answer!

The laundry room won’t be too bad. We are moving in a few days. The dirty clothes can wait until then, so I’ll pack up the goods that this room contains. Holy smokes! Did a tornado come through here? There’s stuff everywhere! I don’t quite know how the laundry room turned into a storage unit, but I don’t think I even have enough boxes for this one room let alone the whole house! But, I’m still sure I can do it.

I pass by the playroom, the kids’ rooms, and one more bath. It is then the kids decide they want outside time at last. Well, as I noticed in my bedroom, the years go by so fast. I decide to go outside with them for a little pool splash.

I probably can do this house packing and moving myself, but I’d rather do the pool and hear my kids laugh than clear a shelf. So as the chief operating officer of our little brood, I make an executive decision…I’m calling someone else to handle this move!

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