Ways Homeowners Can Save

6 Ways Homeowners Can Save

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There are a few things you might not realize about your place if you’re renting. Why? Part of the reason is because you can be shielded from a lot of expenses as a renter since you do not own the property; it is someone else’s responsibility to fix anything that breaks and maintain the property. However, once you’ve made the jump from renter to homeowner, there are a few ways you can save! At Florida Moving Systems, we’d like to help you homeowners save a little cash. If you’re making a transition into a new home, whether it be in another city or another state, our professional movers have you covered!

1. Vacuum dryer vent pipe

Lint is not only a fire hazard, but it can also slow down your drying machine by causing it to overwork. Clean this out once a year, either by yourself or asking a professional to help. And always make sure that the vent flap is open when the dryer is operating.

2. Change air/furnace filters

This doesn’t simply keep things clean and tidy, it can save you a load of cash! Dirty filters can raise your energy bill by 5% to 15%. That adds up over time! Change these at least every 90 days (try using your calendar to remind yourself.)

3. Maintain your sump pump

A sump pump removes water that accumulates from rain (although not all homes have one,) and if it’s not working properly you’ll have major problems. One inch of water can equal up to $7,000 in damage and repairs. Yikes! If you have a sump pump, check the power supply and drainage annually and before big storms, making sure to look for broken or missing parts, check pipe connections, and clean the screen.

4. Clean your gutters

Clogged gutters are often responsible for damaging foundations, which can cost thousands to repair. Remove leaves and other debris frequently, as much as four times per year.

5. Winterize plumbing

This may not be a major point of concern for you if you’re a resident of the Vero Beach or Brevard County areas, but you may want to pass this information on to your northern relatives! Flooding cleanup from burst pipes can cost $5,000 or more. To help prevent this, wrap your pipes in unheated spaces with foam insulation or heat tape.

6. Keep a tidy yard

Did you know cities can fine more than $100 for overgrown yards? Keep your weed-eater and clippers on hand to keep your yard tidy!

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