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5 Things to Throw in The Wash This Spring

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Spring Cleaning The spring season may be wrapping up, but it’s not too late to get in that Spring Cleaning before the summer months start to peek around the corner! You may have gotten to your dusting, cleaning out closets, and re-organizing your pantry (bonus points if you used the tips from our previous blog!) but there may still be some neglected areas that shouldn’t be forgotten simply because they may not be as obvious. Not only is Florida Moving Systems dedicated to meeting all of your residential and commercial moving needs, we also want to provide you with helpful tips to make your life easier! We made a list of our top five neglected items to wash; take a look and see if you need to get ready to wash, dry, fluff and fold!

Throw rugs

Dirt, sand, and other unwanted earthy substances have had the last several months to make a mess of your rugs. For small to medium doormats, bathmats, and other washable rugs, throw them in the washer and give them a good cleaning. Just make sure to check the tag first to make sure they’re machine-washable!

Winter linens

Granted, if you live in Florida, you most likely aren’t breaking out your electric blankets and fur-lined sheets to brave our 70-degree winter months. However, there’s a good chance you have seasonal fleece blankets or throws that you only display for a portion of the year. Wouldn’t it be nice to pull them out of your storage next year with the confidence they are clean?


Remember this is something you use every night, so this is something that should be laundered once in a while. Even if you use a protective pillow case, dust mites and dander can still make their way through the fabric.


This is one of the hotspots for odors to seep in and set up camp. We just may not realize it because people don’t generally take the time to smell their curtains. Give those drapes a fresh start to the summer!

Shower curtains

Fabric shower curtains and plastic liners are easy to machine-wash, and should be regularly. Just hang it back up on the rod to dry once it’s done! Remember, if you’re looking for local or long-distance movers in Brevard County, Florida Moving Systems is your go-to mover! We also offer storage options, packing services and to the Space Coast communities.

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