Organizing your pantry

5 Steps to an Organized Pantry

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Let’s face it, most of us struggle with home organization, especially when it comes to spaces hidden from view. Closets, under the bed, and cabinets often lack organization, but perhaps the biggest issue for many people is the pantry. The kitchen is often the most eventful area in the house, and because of that it can quickly become the messiest space in the house. So, if you’re tired of hiding your snacks-gone-stale, spare holiday dishes, plastic water bottle stash and all the other items crowding out your shelves, take a look at our list of five easy steps you can take to organize your pantry!

Step 1

Make a list of everything in your pantry. This is a good way to identify all of the things you can get rid of and get a better idea of the items you want to hang on to. Who knows, you may even find things you didn’t know you had!

Step 2

Decide how to group things and which containers would best accommodate each item or group of items. Position your food items in a way that makes sense to you. For example, place all the pasta in one section, the canned beans in another, etc.

Step 3

Purchase containers along with labeling tools. Get creative and use chalkboard stickers and a chalk pen! If you end up using the container for something else later, it’s easy to erase and write the correct label.

Step 4

Clean out the pantry by taking everything out (and we mean everything), wiping down the shelves, and throwing away anything you won’t eat. Keep a sharp eye out for expired products!

Step 5

Place the remaining food that is not already packaged in washed and labeled containers, and arrange on the shelf in an order that makes sense and makes it easy for you to find! At Florida Moving Systems we understand that your transition into your new home, whether in Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, or any Brevard County community, will take some time.

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