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You never want to rush through a move.  Being organized is AWESOME!!

Here are 3 tips to help you stay on track with your schedule.

  Make a List

  Make a timeline months in advance, planning out what needs to be accomplished and when. The first month can include activities like contacting your cable company or changing your forwarding address. Treat it like a checklist and mark things off as you do them to ensure you stay on track and nothing is missed.

  Pack the Unnecessary

  To get a jumpstart on the packing process well before your cross country movers arrive, first start boxing up anything that you won’t need before the move. This can be done a month in advance so that when it comes time to pack the essentials, you have less work to do.

  Clean Out Storage Spaces

  While your rooms may look bare, there might still be a bunch of belongings in your cubbies, closets and attic space. Early on in the moving process, scope out these areas of your home and identify anything that can be thrown out, then start boxing up everything that will be brought with you.


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