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Decorate on a Budget

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How To Decorate Your New Home on a Budget

Simple and inexpensive decorating ideas to make your new house feel like home

When the stress of a move is finally over, the exciting part of settling into a new home begins. Putting your own stamp on a new residence is an essential part of creating a comfortable home life. While it is tempting to hire an interior decorator and purchase new furniture, you do not need to make a big investment to decorate your home. Our relocation specialists have seen quite a few homes transform into something special even on a budget. Here are a few strategies that prove you do not need to spend a lot to decorate your new home to reflect your personality.


The easiest and least expensive way to transform a room is using paint. Now that you are not trying to attract buyers and only have yourself to please, you can select any color that speaks to you. If you are afraid to go bold, you can always paint one statement wall. If you are attracted to the look of wallpaper, but not the cost, stencils are a great way to achieve the same effect. Walls are not the only thing you can paint to change a room. Painted trim, doors, cabinets, or furniture can also completely alter an environment.

Go Thrifting

Secondhand furniture is everywhere and thrift stores are more popular now than ever before. Not only do you save money by purchasing used goods, but you also help the environment. The quality of older furniture is often far superior to newer items. Thrift stores as well as garage sales and online auctions are thriving businesses. You are guaranteed to find something for half the price if you bought it brand new. Quality furniture, appliances, dishes, artwork, tools, and more can be gained for a fraction of the cost of new items.

Update Hardware and Trim

Replacing kitchen cabinets is a huge expense. Sometimes all it takes to update the look of your cabinets is new hardware. Modern pulls and knobs make a world of difference in rejuvenating a kitchen. This holds true for other cabinets and furniture you own. You can purchase inexpensive decorative knobs online or in a variety of retail stores and completely transform a piece for next to nothing. Additionally, decorative switch plates, doorknobs, and even door stops are affordable ways to add character and detail to an otherwise generic room.

Trim is also a cheap way to elevate the look of a room from ordinary to upscale. Crown molding and high baseboards will instantly create a unique look in any home.


When you move into your new home, you are starting with a clean palette. Now is the time to add pops of color through accessories. Funky pillows, colorful throws, unique lamps, and lively houseplants will add comfort and style to any room. Bold prints for artwork as well as personal work made by family members seems museum quality when put in sleek or chunky frames with artwork. Many of these items, including the frames, can be found at thrift stores for very little expense.

Repurpose Items

Do not be afraid to think out of the box to add an individual touch to your home aesthetic. Take a good look at the items you already own and imagine using them in a different room or for an unexpected purpose. A mirrored dresser, for example, could make an eye-catching sideboard in your dining room. An old ladder with a bright, new coat of paint could become a plant stand. A large, round table could become a statement coffee table by shortening the legs. When you have resources such as HGTV, Google and Pinterest, you can let your imagination run wild.

These are just a few ideas our team of relocation specialists have encountered through their years of helping clients settle into new locations. You do not have to break the bank to add some style and finesse to your home. The most important thing to remember when decorating on a budget is to fill your home with items that make you smile.

What is Double Drive Time & Why do Moving Companies Charge This?

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Learn More About Moving and Storage Services: What is Double Drive Time & Why do Moving Companies Charge This?

If you are planning for an upcoming move and are completing a few estimates with a variety of moving and storage companies, you might have come across the term “double drive time” while discussing charges and prices. Double drive time is the calculation for a round trip cost because the movers will move your belongings out to your new location, and then return to their original destination. This all is involved in the price of the move so continue reading to learn more about double drive time and professional moving companies.

What is Double Drive Time?

Double drive time is an estimate to calculate the total costs of a move for mileage and charge time for movers and drivers involved in the move. This includes several parts of your move in this calculation. The following services are charged on the billable time that makes up double drive time.

  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Double the driving time to the destination and back to the point of origin.

All these services make up your move and are all charged on billable time, as estimated during your initial meetings with professional movers. Think about it this way, your new home may be where the move is taking place, but the movers—for your service—need to drive to your location and then return to their point of origin, all for your move. These charges protect movers and moving companies so they can compensate movers for their total time spent driving and working during the move.

Customizable Services

Double driving covers every moment of billable time from the movers leaving their warehouse and returning once your move is completed. Moving and storage services offer a variety of services from full service, partial service, packing, custom crating, disassembly, providing packing materials, moving equipment, I.T. services, and more to complete your move. Every service can usually be customized to your specific needs so be sure to inquire about each one during your next estimate.

When you are ready to schedule an estimate with a professional moving and storage company, you will be ready to discuss your move. These tips will help you understand the terms discussed during your estimate.