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Things to Consider Before Unpacking

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At Florida Moving Systems, we pride ourselves on offering expert moving resources for our clients, so their relocations are super simple. A successful move, however, can also depend on the first things you do after arriving at your new space before you start unpacking it all. Check out these tips so it doesn’t take you weeks and weeks to set-up your home!

4 Things to Consider Before You Even Think About Unpacking

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  1. Pack an Overnight Bag
Before the big day arrives, it’s essential to pack an overnight bag with everything you’ll need for your first couple of days. The last thing you want is to drop on your bed, too exhausted to go on after such an overwhelming day, only to realize you have no pjs, toothbrush, or toilet paper. Avoid this scenario altogether by packing a bag ahead of time. Include things like snacks, toiletries, essential electronics, phone chargers, PJs, a couple of changes of clothes, prescription medications, and some extra cash.
  1. Plan Ahead for Meals
It’s quite common to only think about meals once you’re hungry after the day is done. But that creates a problem, since that may mean you’ll need to cook. Plan ahead and know what you’ll do on moving day, once mealtime arrives. Our team not only offers moving resources like transportation and storage, but we can also help you figure out what places provide take-out or pick-up in the area. Aside from ordering in, you can also make sure to have on-hand some basic ingredients for meals, like pasta and a jar of sauce, or even pop some frozen pre-cooked meals in the microwave.
  1. Set-Up the Bathroom and Bedroom First
Don’t just start randomly unpacking once you get to your new place. Although you may be tempted to start in the kitchen, don’t open that pandora’s box just yet! Instead, your first rooms to unpack should be the bathroom and bedroom, ensuring that at least the basics are set-up. If you have kids, this can be especially important since you don’t want to be digging around in a sea of boxes to find your child’s favorite stuffy – you know, the one they can’t sleep without!
  1. Avoid Procrastination

Now that you’ve prepared the most essential to-do items and set-up the most important rooms, it’s time to lay a plan to unpack everything else. Again, this shouldn’t be done randomly, or else unpacking may suddenly turn into a chore that just seems to never end. What’s really helpful is to also set a deadline, which forces you to avoid procrastination. Also, you don’t have to finish one room to tackle another. Rather, you can unpack essential items of each room, then go back later to decorate.

Looking for moving resources to simplify your big day? Call us at Florida Moving Systems for quality, knowledgeable support for a stress-free relocation.

Planning your Move? Avoid These Top 4 Mistakes!

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At Florida Moving Systems, we understand how big a task it is when you’re planning on moving to Orlando. But to ensure a truly positive experience from start to end, it’s essential to avoid last-minute decisions. Waiting until the final weeks or days of your relocation to set plans in motion may result in a few common mistakes some people end up doing with their move. Luckily, our industry professionals have come up with the following list of typical mistakes and advice on how to avoid them for an easy, breezy transfer.

Doing it all on your own.

There’s a whole lot of work that goes into preparing, planning, and undergoing a move. So, if you’re convinced that you’ll be fine to do it all on your own, just take a minute to think about all the packing, loading, and unloading you’ll be stuck doing alone. Instead of injuring yourself during the move or losing items while in-transit, do yourself a huge favor and hire an expert team to oversee every aspect of the relocation. Get the help you need and avoid disastrous pitfalls by having many experts on-site.

Procrastinating until the last minute.

Even if you enlist professional services when moving to Orlando, there is still a lot of work to do to ensure a smooth move. Therefore, hire your team well ahead of time, especially since procrastinating may likely end up with you getting a moving date that’s not ideal. Or worse – a crew that isn’t experienced. Start packing early to avoid throwing things into boxes randomly because of lack of time, which will more often than not cause a lot of confusion upon unpacking.

Hiring an amateur team.

While there’s no need to get the most exclusive relocation package available – unless you absolutely want it – don’t hire an amateur team in hopes of saving a lot of money. Normally, in such a case, after moving expenses, fees, gas, and the cost of replacing items that were damaged during transportation, you’ll be stuck with a significantly higher bill in the end. Your safest bet is to enlist the services of true industry professionals that have decades of experience, knowledge, and specialised skills.

Opting for “cheaper” supplies.

Another common mistake when moving is to choose “cheaper” or low-grade supplies in the hopes of cutting costs or simply because you’re unaware of the difference. Well, the difference between premium-grade and basic materials is indeed huge – and definitely noticeable when your boxes can’t withstand the actual move. Go for known, reliable supply brands or just ask our professionals to provide you with the supplies you need.

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