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Our Florida Moving and Storage Answers The Common Question “Should I Empty My Drawers Before The Move”

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Should I Empty My Drawers to Prepare for a Move?

Most likely, you have furniture with drawers, such as office desks, sideboards, bedside tables, and cabinets, for instance. When packing up for your move, you might wonder what the best approach is to deal with these pieces. Should you empty them our or leave them full?

Our Florida Moving and Storage Answers The Common Question “Should I Empty My Drawers Before The Move”

Our Florida moving and storage team gets asked this question a lot, and for good reason. While those pieces of furniture could certainly be useful to carry some items, this can make those structures overly heavy. What’s the right answer? Let’s see!

Florida Moving and Storage Questions Answered!


Simply put, it’s definitely a great idea to use these areas to transport some items. However, the key is not to overfill them, add breakables or weigh them down. Also, you want to make sure nothing falls out. For example, bedding, clothing or towels would be fine to keep in drawers. Though, if your movers think it might be a problem, they can always remove the drawers and load them separately.

Different Kinds of Drawers, Different Kinds of Answers

Delicate, fragile, weak or thin bedroom set drawers – Generally, we’re referring to future made of plywood, wicker or bamboo. With these types of sets, don’t leave the drawers filled because they’re simply not sturdy enough and can easily break.

Divan beds – In this instance, the drawers will need to be removed to be able to store it upright in the truck. So, anything in the drawers will ultimately fall out.

Office desks – Remove items like books, pens, and stationary for separate storage in a bag, for instance. Another alternative would be to leave everything in the desk, but tape the drawers closed. However, this will only work if the desk will be loaded upright into the truck.

Filing cabinets – If you have cabinets with removeable drawers, then remove them and pack them separately. Otherwise, you can keep items in the drawers if they’re lockable, so things don’t fall out. Do keep in mind weight though, because if they’re too heavy, then your movers will have problems loading them.

Sideboards with drawers – Typically, these structures are quite sturdy, so it usually okay to leave the drawers in.

However, since sideboards are often quite heavy to begin with, it’s suggested that you only keep light things inside.

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Movers in Orlando Florida Share Simple Upgrades That Never Go Out Of Style!  

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As the leading movers in Orlando, Florida, we’re well-aware of how huge an undertaking it is to renovate your new home. After an exhausting relocation, the last thing you want to do is live through more chaos – let alone spend more money! Nonetheless, you may need to update your new residence because it needs repairs, looks rundown, or you simply want a fresh look. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of the following upgrades that are always a good investment as they never go out of style.

Transform your New Home with These Upgrades That Never go Out of Style!

house plants

Nurture Nature Indoors

It’s always “in” to have indoor plants. However, get really unique and blend several different out-of-the-ordinary plants – not typically houseplants – with your furniture and decor. Think more along the lines of cacti or Bonsai – that kind of extraordinary! Another fun think to consider is to eliminate walls between an indoor patio or sunroom and the rest of your home, using bi-fold doors or room dividers to adjust how you separate the space. By doing so, you’ll allow a lot more light into your home and incorporate plant life seamlessly!

Dress Up a Room with Stylish Door

Add some serious curb appeal with a fashionable, eye-catching front door, or dress up a room with a stylish door – offering a visual focal point that will get guests talking! From barn doors to pocket doors to Shoji sliding doors, there’s truly a wise array of styles, colors, and designs to choose from – and the newer models are often energy efficient!

Go Bold with Vibrant Colors

While white and neutrals are the safest color choice, blending in with any type of furniture, décor or curtains, they’re also slowing phasing out of preference with many homeowners. Nowadays, people want brightly colored walls and uniquely colored appliances. So, why not get a little wild and follow suit? Add a burst of color with drapes, accent furniture, wallpaper or paint!

Solid Hardwood Over Carpeting

Another current trend revolved around flooring, where the preference lays with solid hardwood as opposed to carpeting. Mostly, it has to do with ease of upkeep and maintaining good indoor air quality. But, it’s also a classic, timeless style that just never falls out of favor.

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