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Check Out Our Packing Tips for Florida Moves!

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At Florida Moving Systems, our primary goal is to ensure your relocation goes according to plan, smoothly and seamlessly. If you opt for our professional packing services, then we’ll take the time to wrap, box, and crate your personal belongings carefully, using clearly detailed labels to list the content items in each container. By using labels, we greatly speed up the move-in process, since movers will know exactly where to place each container. However, should you prefer to do the packing yourself, we have the following advice to make your upcoming transfer much easier.

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Speed Up the Move-in Process by Labeling your Boxes

We make Florida moves stress-free, so give us a call at Florida Moving Systems if you need help on your big day!

Group similar items together before packing.

Don’t just randomly start packing this, that, and the other – group together items that make sense. For instance, pack each child’s clothing in their own boxes, shoes and boots in a separate container from outerwear, and your pet’s items in their own bag.

Pack things from the same room.

Also, pack things from the same room together, so that when you unpack you won’t have to waste time going from room to room to find their proper place. Basically, you’re looking to keep the living room items together with the same room items, keeping these now-packed boxes separately from other room containers until moving day.

Use labels to list contents.

The absolute best thing you can remember to do for your move is to add labels to your boxes, clearly listing each item that’s inside the container. Additionally, make sure to write which room the items belong in.

Make sure your labels are clearly visible.

Go ahead and take up the whole front and back of the box to label the items inside, because if they’re not clear, noticeably marked, the movers will have no clue where to place everything – drastically slowing down moving day.

We Make Florida Moves Easier!

Follow our time-tested advice and you’ll agree your relocation will flow seamlessly! And of course, if you’re looking for knowledgeable, reliable movers for your upcoming transfer, Florida Moving Systems is here to help. We make Florida Moves easier!

4 Considerations When Choosing a Long-Term Storage in Melbourne, FL

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4 Considerations When Choosing a Long-Term Storage in Melbourne, FL

There are a great many reasons why you may need long-term storage in Melbourne, FL. Perhaps you’ve run out of space to store your seasonal equipment, need a secure facility to keep an eye on your belongings while you’re abroad, or are staging your home for a sale and want to keep extra furniture and other items from overfilling the rooms. No matter the situation, Florida Moving Systems offers a safe, clean warehousing solution for your family. Before you randomly select a facility, here are 4 things you may need to consider when choosing long-term storage in Melbourne to ensure your personal possessions are in capable hands.

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  1. The proximity of the facility to your home.

The proximity of the storage in Melbourne, FL is definitely an important consideration. Do you want it to be close by, or are you okay with it being a bit further away? Are you willing to travel for a better, more secure facility? While distance doesn’t typically play a factor in the length of shorter storage times, it may cause an issue if you need long-term warehousing that obliges you to travel more when you need to retrieve items.

  1. Storage access and hours of operation.

Can you access your items after hours, or does it need to be during business operating times? Accessing your belongings when it’s most convenient for you is another consideration when choosing long-term storage. If the building is closed after your work hours and over the weekend, that’s won’t do you much good. You shouldn’t have to leave work early just to pick up something you need from the warehouse! Therefore, consider the hours of operation of any long-term storage facilities. Some locations provide 24/7 access to your belongings, which simplifies getting whatever you need when you need it.

  1. Indoor Environment and Climate Control

Depending on where you live, fluctuating climate conditions may be an issue. Extreme heat, humidity, and cold can wreak havoc on certain materials like wood, upholstery, and plastic. Electronic and electrical items are particularly susceptible to temperature changes. Think about what items you’re planning to store and if they will need additional considerations like a climate-controlled facility.

  1. Security and Safety Measures

Of course, you’ll want to pick a facility that’s fully secured, with safety measured in place to ensure your belongings are well-protected. While most locations have some measure of security in place, not all of them have a well-lit area, 24/7 surveillance, and continuous monitoring. Make sure to take into account the various safety features offered at your preferred facilities, contrasting and comparing what security measures you’d like to have to guard your belongings.

Looking for storage in Melbourne, FL? We’ve got you covered at Florida Moving Systems! Give us a call today to find out more about our various moving and warehousing packages.